Rarest Titanic Item


Matt Pereira

Dont have anything rare but i am currently seeking orignal photos on ebay. all im finding are prints of the photos which i dont want. I did think about getting this model of titanic sailing through water made 100% out of coal but thought that would be kinda dirty if it were to fall or get broken
Those coal Titanic's are hardly rare, Matt. You can get them in gift shops all across the world for about a tenner.
I have nothing rare, that I know of. Apart from the Daily Mirror from April 17th, 1912 - I don't know how rare that is, and I'm now questioning it's authenticity since a collector told me that, since it has only four pages it is a replica.
Looks authentic, though, and I found it in a biscuit tin in the attic of a house that hadn't been lived in for 18 years whilst working there.

Matt Pereira

Oh i didnt mean that the coal modelof Titanic was rare i was just saying i thought about getting one of them. I know ill never be able to afford orignal relics unless i spot them at a yard sale or something. Dont have the ability to spend alot of money

Matt Pereira

lol, well i can spend alot of money its just that since im going through college i dont want to end up where im going to have to get a loan or something to make the payments for college
About the coal -- A great deal of coal was discovered a couple years ago when James Cameron went along with a diving crew down to find the buckled plates that fell off the ship's underside right after hitting the iceberg. It was determined this made the ship sink faster than it would have otherwise. A great deal of coal was found in the area, scattered around. The is probably coal at the actual wreck site itself, too -- LOTS of it.

My most treasured Titanic item?
Memories- of working with the Big Piece every day at the Titanic exhibit in Boston in 1998, when it still had black paint and smelled of the deep ocean....I sprayed it with a hose every day, and went home nightly stained from head to toe with Titanic rust..Opening the portholes was a thrill...
As for somthing in my collection, my rarest item is a piece of ornate wood from the aft grand staircase....

After the sinking, ships such as the Minia and Mackay Bennett that were dispatched to recover bodies also recovered quite a bit of wreckwood- one Minia crewmember named Mr Parker fashioned a section of ornate trim from one of the bannisters into a picture frame- i have one of the 'corner triangles' I bought from a private collector a few years ago- It is stunning to know it was there, dead center when titanic sank...
(some other sections of wood from that frame were sold at the Guernseys Titanic auction in NYC a few years ago)
I also have a very small piece of one of the lifejackets, which I glued to the inside of my Thayer book...
I'm very proud of my Titanic book collection- I have first edition Gracie, Young, Walker, Bullock, Beesley, Lightoller and Thayer books, as well as the original 1912 US Seanate Titanic Hearings book and the 1911 Olympic/Titanic Shipbuilders book...

Someone mentioned a vial of titanic rust- I was the staff coordinator and historian on site at the Titanic exhibit in St Paul in 1999, and we put Big Piece and mooring bitts rust into about 1000 glass vials and gave them to our 800 plus volunteers at the volunteer appreciation party. Most volunteers kept thier rust vials, but others gave them away to visitors...
I used to have dozens of extra rust vials, but gave all but one vial away- so my one remaining vial of Titanic rust from st Paul is a treasured possesion..
As for Olympic, Ray Cowell made me a chessboard fasioned from bits of wood from Olympic's grand staircase, and its a stunning piece...


Tarn Stephanos
Boston MA
Although not rare one of my most prized Titanic related possession are the letters and emails from the families of passengers. My most prized possession out of all of them are the original photographs i was graciously gifted by a family.

Jason D. Tiller

My copy of a first edition of Titanic: Psychic Forewarnings of a Tragedy would be my most valuable item, as it contains the signatures of Millvina Dean and John Parkinson, among others. Another rare item which ranks a close second, is a copy of the first printing of The Deathless Story of the Titanic published shortly after the disaster.

Kevin Saucier

"Someone mentioned a vial of titanic rust- I was the staff coordinator and historian on site at the Titanic exhibit in St Paul in 1999, and we put Big Piece and mooring bitts rust into about 1000 glass vials"

Tarn, is this the vial of rust that were given out? If so I could use a bit of assistance.

Quote Kevin Saucier:
"I also have pieces of the deck, some of which are for sale. "

I now have a couple pieces of deckwood formerly owned by Kevin. Very happy with them. Now to start lookin for a vial of rust

My rarest item?? That's a tough one. It's probably my carpet scrap that was removed from Titanic by steward Frederick Dent Ray while the ship was being fitted out in Belfast.


I'm lucky to have many other wonderful items in my collection such as a piece of curtain trim from Titanic's first class staterooms. This piece was once owned by Steve Santini! It's quite an honor to now have it in my collection.

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