RC anyone

I have been lusting after a remote controlled ocean liner for several years now. Unfortunately, due to the unimaginative masses, the only way this seems possible without spending thousands of dollars is to convert one of the larger plastic kits. I know that some have made the dream a reality with the 1/350th model Titanic, but I wanted something a little different. The 350th Gunze kit of the Lucy is the most attractive large plastic Ocean Liner on the market, in my opinion. I wanted to ask someone with experience on the Gunze kit-- Is there any area of the superstructure that could act as a "lid" and therefore offer direct access to the hull, or is that covered with several layers of plastic decking? Does the hull come in one, two, five pieces? Is the rudder that comes with this kit free moving? I know the rivet counters are going to want to kill me for this one- Are the Mauritania ventilators available for this kit?
I know some say it's impossible, but those who converted their Titanics proved them wrong, so I just wanted to give it a try.
If you want some really good advice on how to attempt something like that, you might want to trot on over to the Titanic Modeling and research Assocciation at http://titanic-model.com/

These people have been doing all sorts of ship models for ages and have it down to a science. If they can't help you, I don't know who can.
I have assembled both 1/350 Titanic and Lusitania models last summer and two brief photos are on my website (under construction yet) http://westphalia101.tripod.com on the homepage. From what I remember, there are 3 decks which are stacked for the main structure. The only single decks I can recall are the forecastle and stern, both are very small though. The hull is two pieces split down the center. I am not sure if you can have the rudder free-moving or not, but I glued mine in place. I don't think the Mauretania vents are available either. I bought every set of brass additions for my kit, and haven't seen them. I am currently at work, so I would have to go home, look at the instructions and model itself for more definite answers. If you want too James, I could take closer photos for you as well. The main problem you will encounter is size. I have all 3 of my models extremely detailed, and the Lusitania kit is significantly smaller than the Titanic. Hope this helps....

Eddie T Petruskevich