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Ranay Retzloff

OK, I need some suggestions for a pursuasive essay. I need ONLY 3 fake shots from the movie. I will compare the movie to real life. So tell me your 3 suggestions.
1. Ship turning to its left ("starboard helm" in 1912) when it struck berg. For the damage that actually occurred, the ship must have been turning to its right ("port helm").

2. Engines pounding in reverse. Never happened.

3. Ship sits still and slowly sinks. No, Titanic did resume making way for some period of time after the accident.

Now, you'll have to do the research to prove these things. You can do it right here by searching through the message board. Good luck.

-- David G. Brown
Hello Josh,

"How about Jack and Rose messin' up Bill Carter's car?"

Now that would be something to place under the 'Never Happened List', wouldn't it? That would be one of the most fake shots in that film, considering the fact that, not to get into another topic, Mr. Carter's car was crated up.

Here's my three cents:

1. The smoking has green carpet in the film, but the real one had red floortiles with blue accents.

2. If Ms. Aubart, Benjamin Guggenheim's mistress, wanted to take all her meals in the a la carte restraunt, then what the heck is she sitting at Rose's table in the dining saloon for?

3. The suite B-52 that Cal and Rose occupy in the film was all ready occupied in Mr. Joseph Bruce Ismay.

You can check out the biographies of Ms. Aubart, Mr. Ismay, and the message board to prove these suggestions. These would be easy to prove.

How about Jack surfing the prow?

JACK: I'm the king of the --
CREWMAN: Excuse me, what are you doing here?
JACK: I'm... well, you see... I'm...
CREWMAN: This area is off limits to passengers, so if you will kindly remove yourself, we won't have any trouble now, will we?
JACK: Uhm... yes sir. (sulks away)
CREWMAN: Very good, then.

In a moment of vicious humor...

Just as Jack Dawson is about to make his claim to royalty, a burst of Browning Automatic Rifle fire suddenly cuts down him and his Italian buddy, to wails of grief from all the chicks watching from First Class...and sacring the hell out of the lookouts.
Charging up a staircase to the forecastle comes a tall, grinning young guy wearing glasses who looks like somebody out of "Saving Private Ryan," U.S. Army Rangers uniform and all.
He strides up onto the forecastle, turns, and yells down to the foreward well deck "Clear up on the forecastle!"
Up come his fellow Rangers, who are being led by a captain who looks an awful lot like the famous Ranger named John H. Miller.
"Is that all of the silly carictures that invaded this ship?" he asks.
"Lets hope so." the tall young GI replies.
"Allright, lets go find this Joe Dawson guy and get him the hell out of here." the captain says, turning to lead his men down from the forecastle to a door belowdecks on the foreward well deck.
They find him, after mowing down some cartoony First Class villians en route, and then all go up top to make their escape on an approaching ship that looks quite like the S.S. Californian.
As they wait on the forward well deck, the young GI sees that all the gals are not only still watching from First Class, but have suddenly become infatuated with HIM! He first beholds them waving, smiling, and even blowning kisses at him with startled amazement, then grins and waves, returning some of the kisses. He not only has played a key part in saving trimmer Dawson, but he has wowed the gals while doing it, too!...
Yes, my funny stories can be VERY off the wall, I know. :)

Ranay, the most serious FUBAR in the chick-flick that I would like to point out is when we see passengers foundering about on A Deck below the bridge after it goes underwater in the sinking sequence.
In reality, A Deck there was DRY AS A BONE until the final plunge began and thus passengers did not founder about in the water there like geese with their heads lopped off by sabres.
Movies nowadays! Geez laweez! So much overwrought hooey that gets shoved in our faces...

Richard K.

Mirriam Wood

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Mirriam Wood

Hello, "Captain, my Captain"!

Being a fledgling, I humbly bow to your better knowledge of such things.
My sincere thanks for the edification, but, most of all, for "just letting me get on with it" - because I certainly have been going on and on and on and .... over the past two days!

Thank you for these wonderful, truly breathtaking and educational quarters.

Respectfully yours,

no it should have gone:

Jack: IM THE

(Great winds continue to pound against the bow)


FABRIZIO: erghhh what a mess

Fat stereotypical Master at Arms: Rahhhhhhhhhhht lahhhhdy get oooooof me boooow 'fore ah clonk yer on the eaaaad.

well, if you wanted a reality film thats how it would of gone. or not cos Jack (nice name by the way) was never on Titanic.
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