Reading/Writing Room condition....

Shel Cooper

Nov 8, 2013
I understand the Reading Room is still somewhat intact, complete with the wall lunettes and fireplace, however I have never been able to find footage or photos of it anywhere. It seems like there are lots of areas that were photographed/filmed and nothing was released. It would be great if someone built a site where a virtual tour of the wreck could be taken so we could see what's left in relation to where areas are on the ship. Any idea where these images would be?


Mar 14, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
Well this is a few years after your inquiry haha but I am curious where you heard it is in good condition. It truly breaks my heart but the Reading and Writing room is most likely pancaked ontop of the deck below. The R & W room as well as the 1st Class Lounge and Smoking Room (all my favorite rooms) were smashed when the ceiling collapsed down. There's a possibility that the far corners (where the ceiling is angled enough to have not completely collapsed) there is still some remenents of these public rooms, but I doubt that they'll ever really explore these areas as they are highly unstable. Additionally, there was allegedly much water damage to these rooms as well as they were the last to floor. In particular, the R & W room had HUGE gorgeous windows that would've shattered and completely destroyed that room in a heartbeat. RIP Reading and Writing room :(
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