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Discussion in 'Photographic Evidence' started by Matt Endacott, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. Can anyone tell me if the image below is actually a REAL image of the Titanic sinking? I found it in the NEWCASTLE MORNING HERALD (Aus) a couple of years after the sinking stating it was ACTUALLY taken that night as the ship went down. There is no comment on who owns or took the pic but im pretty certain they'd be Australian, as it is an Aus paper. Can anyone tell me where it's taken from also?
  2. Nigel Bryant

    Nigel Bryant Member

    Dear Matt,

    I don't think its a real image of the Titanic sinking. The exterior design does not match what the real layout of the Titanic was.

  3. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    I did a little computer enhancing and I'd say the photo was taken in daylight. You can see the ripples on the sea over a large area. There may even be land in the top righthand part. I'd say it's a boat drill on some ship and somebody is pulling the paper's leg.

    There's a thread somewhere on the possibility of photos being taken during the sinking and it just wasn't on. It would have required big magnesium flashes of the type then in use and they would have been literally blindingly obvious to anybody around.

    How big is the picture in the paper? A bigger photo could be enhanced to give us an even better image.
  4. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    Let's see if I can remember how to do this. 78353.jpg
  5. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    Not a boat drill, unless the crew were keen enough to leap overboard. Probably a film still, but definitely not ANTR or Cameron. Best clue from a larger version would be the name on the life ring at the bottom of the pic!
  6. Whatever ship this was taken on, it certainly wasn't the Titanic. Compare what you see there to photos of the Titanic's and Olympic's superstructure that were known to have been taken from the stern aspect. The ladder configurations just don't match up.
  7. Paul Rogers

    Paul Rogers Member

    After magnifying the photo and trying various enhancements, I seem to see something like the name "Eastland" on the life ring.

    Surely not?!
  8. I can make out a letter 'T' in the middle of the ring. Is it possible it does actually read TITANIC but made for the purpose of film? Also, is it possible this could be a still from the 1912 Titanic film with Dorothy Gibson? Although the stunts being performed seem a bit too real for the time. Maybe it's the Lusitania or Britannic going down?
    Best Regards,
  9. Pat Cook

    Pat Cook Member

    Maybe I'm wrong here but if there's ANYthing written on the lifering then it DEFINITELY isn't Titanic, Olympic OR Britannic. Unless they changed their policies, the liferings were blank on those ships.

    Best regards,
  10. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    Yes, the life rings were blank on Titanic, but I believe Olympic had the name added in the 1920s. As for this pic, Titanic it ain't, unless the iceberg effected a major redesign including general shrinkage and removal of decks! It looks like quite a small vessel, maybe even a river steamer or island ferry. Many of the men seem to be wearing shirts with the sleeves rolled up, so this was probably taken on a warm day and maybe in the tropics. The cut of the clothes looks quite modern, but the vessel a lot older.
  11. As far as I can see, the only similarity between this ship and the Titanic are the Welin® type davits that are being used here.
  12. The lifeboat being lowered doesn't quite look right to me for the Titanic. Too shallow.

    The picture would have to be either forward port side, meaning this would be #2. Or stern starboard, which would be #15.
  13. Pat Cook

    Pat Cook Member

    Thanks, Bob - I was always curious about that.

    Best regards, O M
  14. Also,
    I agree. I does seem like a fake. I have also noticed if that IS the Titanic & the boat being lowered is no. 15, it was the one which rescued Lillian Asplund & her family from A DECk and it clearly shows the boat is full after being lowered from the Boat Deck.
    Thanks for your help,
  15. Raymond Leggs

    Raymond Leggs Member

    It might be from atlantic because I saw a several film clips fom this movie from the 1997 low budget documentary the unsinkable titanic
    which featured Several interveiws with our
    all time favorite man Don Lynch
    I have never seen the whole movie
    nor the entire german film
    Where can I find a copy of these
  16. Hi,

    my posting comes late, but here it is: I agree with Dave: this picture was taken on daylight. For "freezing" a scene in the night you need flash bulbs or that kind of magnesium powder what they have used earlier. Anyway, the effect is the same: by using a flashlight you have a bright foreground and a darker background. The farer away the objects are the darker they are. This means: we would see a bright foreground and no rescue boats in the water. The flash wouldn´t reach them. But all objects have the same light.

    Second point: if the flash is mounted (or holded) close to the camera the shadows of the objects are not to be see, because for the camera they are directly behind the objects. But on the picture we can see shadows under the objects.

    This picture was not taken on the Titanic.

    Maybe the picture shows the rescue of passengers from the sinking of RMS Republic some years earlier? At this event there were cameras around and were used: We know of several photographs of the Republic (even close-ups) while she was sinking.

    Best regards
  17. I doubt it, Henning. I don't remember where I saw it, but it would appear that this photo actually comes from a movie. Hopefully, one of the resident film experts can speak to this.
  18. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    Mystery solved! The pic is indeed a film still, but it's supposed to be Lusitania, not Titanic. Lest We Forget was released in January 1918.

    85052.jpg 85053.jpg
  19. Jeremy Lee

    Jeremy Lee Member

    Haha! Where did you find this ad? smile.gif
  20. Bob's post rates *****. [Attn: Phil]