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Real-Time Demos

Discussion in 'Games CD Programs etc' started by Itsstillthinking, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. Weird topic but as some of you know as i transitioned to UE4 For making my animations, this gave me the ability to run around and experience these animations as well.

    It should be stated right at the beginning that any of these Demos that are released in the future are not meant to steal any thunder from Titanic Honor & Glory, Titanic VR or any other project in the future. This is simply one person who loves history and in his spare time makes these. These demos if ever released will be made available only here and will be password protected and only people who PM me can get the password to play these.

    While the main one i see down the future for sure is my updated Lusitania Animation (will start once a updated model is done) that will be made in mind for being a demo, i wanted to first talk about a Titanic one.

    As some people know i released a rough draft for a Titanic Real-Time Animation that made every deck and major rooms represented in the model. Due to many reasons i eventually considered it to be more of a test and to save on time and processing power i will for the next one only have 1 exterior model that only has rooms/decks on it that you can see from the outside and do any interior shots in its own Deck only too allow greater detail.

    The reason i bring this up is because now is because of the way im doing the next animation, this means there will no longer be a main ship with every room anymore, outside of the draft i made.
    I am wondering how many people would want to explore this model sinking in real-time and run around the full ship? And please only people who have a decent or good PC cast a yes as we are talking about a huge ship that runs fine in the daytime with a good frame rate (at least on mine, keep in mind my machine is not the greatest) but at night with most rooms lit and have about 300 lights it can start to be a real demanding demo.

    I would say you would need about 10 gigs of ram and something better than a I5 to make sure it runs decent, if i get a few people how would want it then il spend a afternoon programming collision so you can run around

    The video below is what you can expect if i do the Titanic one
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  2. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    I would, but my computer would probably explode if I tried to download anything more on it!
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  3. Lol, my guess if its going to be made its going to be at least a Gig to 1.5 Gig

    Also sorry everyone for the grammar mistake with "how" and not "who", was in a rush
  4. Decided im going to do it, when i get the chance il put it together.

    Do people want it in first person or third person like this? Third person makes it more difficult to run around the ship in some ways
    Screenshot (31).png Screenshot (33).png Screenshot (34).png Screenshot (35).png
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  5. Can always buy a 2-3TB external HD for under $100. I have one dedicated to just render frames for my animation, its only full by around 900gb so far.
  6. Almost done programing the demo, i also for my own amusement took one of the many demos i made for Titanic Animations and added some lights to it, turned out nice
    HighresScreenshot00018.png HighresScreenshot00019.png HighresScreenshot00020.png HighresScreenshot00021.png HighresScreenshot00022.png HighresScreenshot00023.png HighresScreenshot00024.png HighresScreenshot00025.png
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  7. So i programmed all of the old animation and did some play tests from within the editor and everything went well, when im exporting it as a game for you guys i get more errors than iv ever seen, il try and fix it but if i cant il try to make it up to you
  8. So as a way of apology for having so many issues with the old animation as Unreal did a update and everything is messed up, i modified on of the tests i use with Titanic Animations and turned it into something people can use

    Now is must be stated that this was never meant to be seen by anyone and as such there are a lot of issues with the model, as since this was made for testing i removed most of the interior of the ship from B Deck Down. If you do fall to D Deck, there are some walls you can run through or i left the staircase intact from the Gally to the Boat Deck.

    There is some furniture i left on the ship with some on B Deck (including two cabins that are ripped in two when the ship breaks, looks really cool and they have lights) and Most of A & Boat Deck have furniture too.

    All doors i programmed to be able to run through, and i mean all of them

    All the lifeboats are present in the water and you can sit and ride the last four boats from the ship, as you can also recreate real life people, like Charels J or the two passengers that jump into D ect.

    The sinking is very accurate, starting at 2:00 until 2:20, break-up was a early test that meshed together Roy Mengot's theory and Titanic Animations and for fun more than anything else, utilized both the POSSE sim and the Hackett and Bedford simulation from the late 90s with condition C7 at 17 degrees then the ship breaks.

    I am not sure what happens if you get trapped in a space but when it happened to me i clipped through the roof as the water is programed to be able to walk on.

    Audio is from H&G (forgot to mention it in the README) and the three songs played are three known songs to have been confirmed to be played like Alexanders Ragtime band at 2:05 is the only one we know what time it was played. It also seems that sometimes the audio does not cue correct but other times it does

    Hope you all enjoy

    For this Demo i will put the Password here

    Two Cabins that have furniture in the aft part of B Deck
    There is also alot of stuff happening under the water with boilers, double bottoms ect that you can see

    Mengot&Titanic Animations Full.7z
  9. Looking forward to poking around in this once my animation is done and I can actually use my computer :)
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  10. Here are also some shots from a wreck model i made and its currently a WIP
    Screenshot (47).png Screenshot (48).png Screenshot (49).png
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  11. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    This looks amazing!

    Just to ask however, would the download work on Mac?
  12. Il try right now to make a build for Mac, im not a apple person so il have no way to test it so let me know if it does not work
  13. Actually give the one above a shot just to make sure before i go for all the effort
  14. Seems like Apple being Apple dont allow unreal to make games for Mac unless you make it on a Mac, its a complete joke
  15. Anyone have any luck in getting the Demo to work on there PC? Unreal Told me you can run it without the Editor installed (which i do) but im not sure as i have it installed, be cool if someone showed a screenshot of it too
  16. Working on a new one, this time im going to do a remake of the updated H&G animation due to i think they have shown enough for me to accurately remake it. Mainly doing this as it seems very wrong in how it portrays the sinking and maybe remaking it can help us make some sense of it. While i removed some furniture in A Deck cabins as they where really polly intensive, iv added some in others and i will animate them all sliding/floating in the ship. Even hopefully the glasses! Learned alot from the last demo so more future proofing it now. I might do a very exclusive release of this as this might be ridding iffy territory for some people
    HighresScreenshot00001.png HighresScreenshot00002.png HighresScreenshot00003.png HighresScreenshot00005.png HighresScreenshot00006.png HighresScreenshot00007.png HighresScreenshot00008.png HighresScreenshot00009.png HighresScreenshot00010.png HighresScreenshot00011.png HighresScreenshot00012.png HighresScreenshot00013.png HighresScreenshot00015.png HighresScreenshot00016.png HighresScreenshot00017.png HighresScreenshot00018.png HighresScreenshot00019.png HighresScreenshot00020.png HighresScreenshot00021.png
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  17. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    The biggest differences in their animation is probably how the ship now settles lower in the water before the stern rises up and the stern’s movements during and after the break: a huge list to port overpowers the feelings of the stern settling back horizontally (as noted by Joughin) and the stern does not rise for a second time, it only sinks (as described by Eva Hart and Charles Joughin).
  18. Its actually the Trim and timing. Since they actually showed their timeline in engine (which if your used to UE4 its easy to see) for the final moments so i can actually see the key frames of when they tell the ship to react. From this iv been able to say the final plunge last about 7 minutes and 27 seconds give or take a few seconds. This would put the plunge starting at about 2:13, which is interesting as most people put the plunge at 2:15, then at around 2:17-18 the ship breaks. This idea puts it in about 2 minutes it takes for the plunge, radically different with as of right now no real clear public evidence of why its such a difference. And the trim as it seems they have the ship at around 12 degrees (still calculating as i type this) or a little more before the num 2 funnel collapse's, again radically different as most historians agree at about a 10 degree angle was achieved when he plunge began. Im hoping making this viewable for more than 30 seconds can help
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  19. Going to try and fix the lighting a bit as too much of the ship is illuminated. Also did not put the cloud of smoke post num 2 funnel as i dont have time to program it, same with rough flooding water, spent several days trying to get it to work and nothing
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  20. BTW anyone want to do a trial test of the demo to see if it works/ find Bugs?
    Honor_Glory_Sinking.10194.jpg Honor_Glory_Sinking.18382.jpg Honor_Glory_Sinking.24794.jpg Honor_Glory_Sinking.29717.jpg Honor_Glory_Sinking.30965.jpg