Just made a playable build last night if anyone want to test it, you will need a decent PC if anyone wants to do some Bug testing

I should note that iv animated most Furniture Floating/sliding down the deck. Though i did end up getting lazy towards the end and did not animate rooms like the reading and writing room as it take hours to animate furniture.

It should also be noted that this will be the last demo/animation i create for some time as i just want a break from all of this as its alot of hard work, though i am planning something that will blow the socks off anything iv done in the past
Unless there is something that breaks the demo i think iv done with this Demo, due to how inaccurate this version of the sinking i dont think its worthwhile to keep working on it

You start off in Cabin B 98 (With its mirror B 97 also has furniture that also is animated) with the "Story" that you slept threw the first 2 hours and 20 minutes of the sinking, most major spaces that have furniture animates when flooding occurs and when the ships tilt becomes to extreme. Ended up not putting sound in so just have the H&G video going in the background for some sounds for the ship.

PM for password
H&G Demo Ver 2.0.7z
Honor_Glory_Sinking.24794.jpg Honor_Glory_Sinking.29717.jpg Honor_Glory_Sinking.30965.jpg
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So after some people coming back and saying the demo does not run well i think i can narrow it down to reoslution as when in the UE4 editor when in "Play" mode it displays it in a lower resolution and it run very well. Hoping in future releases this can fix it. Was running through the demo and took some screenshots
Screenshot (9).png Screenshot (10).png Screenshot (11).png Screenshot (12).png Screenshot (13).png
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That would be really awesome. Because the amount of Titanic games is sooooo limited. It truly is amazing to be on her and just take in the experience! Hopefully you can even do a playable build of your Lusitania someday?
Just curious on a number here, how many people would actually be interested in some real-time sinking's/demos of the RMS Lancastria, Wilhelm Gustloff, Doria or even a Great Eastern video? Due to the amount of public information on these out there (i.e me not going out and buying a bunch of books like what i had to do with the Lusitania) i think down the road these could be possible, if enough people would care to see them
Looks like iv been able to restore the original real-time animation of the Titanic, if i get some free time in the next while i will try and work on getting it to work as a demo with a actual menu that will let you change resolution settings ect. It will be curious how well it will run as it was never meant to be used like this
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Would anyone be interested in me possibly recording some behind the scenes footage of me just working on these real-time sinking's? Most likely what it would be is me just recording the screen on UE4 making these animations/demos with some music etc.
So i been available to confirm that a Lancastria and Gustloff Real-Times are quite possible! TBH though, iv been very weary of making a Gustloff animation. Over 9500 people where lost in the sinking and nearly 4000 of them children, and considering the amount of flack people have given me on my other animation calling it tasteless/poorly done, i feel like i could not do it justice in a respectable way.

Though i did find out in the early 2000's some computer studies where done on the sinking showing a fairly detailed sinking much like the Titanic in the late 90's, and just like that im very weary on basing angles and heel based on these as there not very accurate typically and as computers get better they tell different stories. However the simulation was only 5 minutes off from the time the gustloff actually sank so who knows
The biggest differences in their animation is probably how the ship now settles lower in the water before the stern rises up and the stern’s movements during and after the break: a huge list to port overpowers the feelings of the stern settling back horizontally (as noted by Joughin) and the stern does not rise for a second time, it only sinks (as described by Eva Hart and Charles Joughin).
So there is no chance Titanic did break in two between the Third and Fourth funnel? Even with starboard and port lists included?
yes I saw the physics animation, too. I like that they made it 3d at the end of The Final Word