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Real-Time Empress Of Ireland Sinking

Discussion in 'Collision Sinking & Wreck' started by Itsstillthinking, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. Since the Lusitania animation is done i thought i start working on the Next and "Final" one with the Empress.

    This one will be very difficult as there is very little out there on the empress and the Lifeboat situation is even worse than the Lusitania. My hope is that if the Lusitania animation gets seen by a historian then maybe they could help.

    Have some key time frames already figured out, i plan to have a short teaser for the 104th anniversary, the model is being built from scratch again by its creator so thats why im going to hold out for a final animation til then

    Collision 1:56

    2:01 Power is lost

    2:09 Ship rolls over

    2:10 Ship is lost
  2. Henry Sincic

    Henry Sincic Member

    Good timeline so far.

    The lifeboats that were launched were 1,3,5,9,11,13, and 15 (capsized). 1st Officer Jones said that he lowered 1,3, and 5, and was trying to prepare 7 but the ship turned over before he could lower it. Boat 1 is specifically mentioned as having been lowered when the water was 4 from the boat deck on the starboard side. 3rd Officer Moore, who perished, was seen lowering the boats aft on the starboard side. I think there has been mention in a few accounts of 2nd Officer Rogers and Chief Officer Steed lowering boats on the starboard side, as well, but I would have to check again to make sure.

    As far as the port side goes, the boats mostly swung inward, a few of which toppling into the sea when the ship rolled onto her starboard beam (c. 2:09 a.m.)
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  3. Thanks a bunch! Hopefully over the week il do a real quick draft
  4. Henry Sincic

    Henry Sincic Member

    You're welcome! I'm looking forward to it!
  5. Henry Sincic

    Henry Sincic Member

    I need to correct myself on something; The Chief Officer on the Empress was named Mansfield Steede and not "Steed" as I originally wrote. Similarly, I mentioned a "2nd Officer Rogers" in my initial posting, which was a mistake. The 2nd Officer of the Empress was named Roger Williams, so I guess I just mixed the first and last names around.
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  6. Sweet! BTW for the pre vis do people want sweeping camera angles like iv done before or a stationary one?
  7. Henry Sincic

    Henry Sincic Member

    I enjoyed the sweeping camera approach in the Lusitania video.
  8. Alright thanks!
  9. Okay its going to be a very basic animation for a test screening, what angle do you think the ship should reach before "lurching" over
  10. Henry Sincic

    Henry Sincic Member

    Hmmm.... Well, the water should reach the starboard boat deck prior to the fatal capsize. Which suggests a very heavy angle. I'd say 45 degrees for now, but I'll look into it more when I get home.
  11. Been collecting some interesting images of the wreck to help
    04a341b0-ca71-408d-9aa8-f301f56662df.jpg 2014-11-30_18_40_00_DEC_0000_01_01.jpeg 9588f2_71bcf7b62d03b15a674b06d7acbb33f0.jpg 9588f2_964174ca9165da9412c1f81db96ebbc0.jpg 9588f2_bf57672bf3582add1adc176dd7934768.jpg 50649_4.jpg 10458361_778321448874451_433559572297740163_n.jpg 10626462_10154484828930471_7460122549781195832_n.jpg 13502856_1187188941321031_8782361307801661760_o.jpg 14079865_1235054646534460_5705933873483823045_n.jpg 17039171_1433100186729904_1908676154921425187_o.jpg 14118832748_5718ff901e_b.jpg 14118864550_99f796c8e3_b.jpg 14304909704_c0857e3d14_b.jpg MB-data-Empress-of-Ireland-3d.jpg na0529_empress_of_ireland_1200_mf.png Deck_20Plan_20Pg_203web_original.jpg Deck_20Plan_20Pg_205_20web_original.jpg Deck_20Plan_20PG1_20web_original.jpg Empress-of-Ireland-Museum_Rimouski-starboard-side.jpg empresswreckside.jpg STORSTADEMPRESSPOSTERFINALweb.jpg_original.jpg
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  12. Found these on the wayback machine
    Empress188h.JPG Empress313h.JPG Empress401h.JPG Empress430h.JPG Empress490h.JPG anim2.jpg lastste3.jpg mold2.jpg porthole2.jpg wires2.jpg collide2name2.jpg collide3name2.jpg

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  13. PRR5406

    PRR5406 Member

    Remarkably intact wreck, even after a hundred years. There had to be some massive failure in her design to be flooded out so rapidly. The side-scan images are amazing.
    Thinking forward, in 2018, there'd be laws demanding the ship be raised within a year of the loss.
  14. Here is a test of a idea i have for a Intro to the Animation. Its very early but i was just trying to show off the glamor of the old girl

    here is also a animation i found and compiled together
  15. The failure was that the watertight doors were not properly closed as they were required to be when steaming in low visibility conditions in restricted waterways.
  16. PRR5406

    PRR5406 Member

    I hate it when that happens.
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  17. PRR5406

    PRR5406 Member

    Very interesting . even if it was in French. The Canadians in Quebec have a very spiritual respect and connection to the "Empress" wreck. Thanks everyone for bringing in information. I guess I'm going to have to motor up that way.
  18. The passengers and crew were a little annoyed as well! ;)
  19. Sadly im on the wrong side of Canada:rolleyes: But i would love to head to the local museum there, has a very large collection of artifacts. Still kills me evreytime that they scrapped the propeller after they raised it