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Real-Time Empress Of Ireland Sinking

Discussion in 'Collision Sinking & Wreck' started by Itsstillthinking, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. Might be a idea, i could in the video just have a link to a unlisted video of it
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  2. Kas01

    Kas01 Member

    To be entirely fair, you're going to get those kinds of comments anyway. That's just how the YouTube comments section works.
  3. PRR5406

    PRR5406 Member

    There is a minor -very minor- hiccup in the final plunge of the stern, as has been pointed out, but in terms of "Did I see what I think I just saw?", it really doesn't affect the video. Once again, this is the best of the sinking models you've posted. With the exception of bubbles and debris swirling on the surface or gouting from the dying ship, I think you've hit it.
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  4. Sorry to ask but what is the issue with the final plunge?
  5. PRR5406

    PRR5406 Member

    I think the ship disappears, then we see the stern once more, in the same plunge. I may be incorrect. The overall work is stupendous.
  6. I can assure you from watching the animation underwater that it does not pop up after the ship sank, unless you mean how the stern somewhat "pops" up as the bow is going down and the propeller comes clear for a moment, that is based off survivor accounts
  7. PRR5406

    PRR5406 Member

    Then I gladly accept the correction. The whole project is stunning, yet horrifying.
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  8. mjn9

    mjn9 Member

    Amazing overall, much like the Lusitania vid.

    Only nitpick is that the Empress is stopped when struck; it was proven through simulations and diving expeditions to the engine room that Kendall had lied at his testimony and that the Empress was moving at the time.

  9. Just keep in mind that that particular doc has some issues with it, im not saying who is to blame in this situation ( i think both ships have blame myself)

  10. Finally done, Thanks everyone for all the help!

    Edit: Something went wrong and its too dark!!!!!!!, re rendering the animation now
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  11. some footage of the wreck from 82