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Real-Time Lusitania Sinking

Discussion in 'Final Voyage Sinking and the Wreck' started by Itsstillthinking, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. Not to mention Dwight saw them lower it right after he jumped so this puts about right
  2. Here are the "Final" angles
    Final Angle.JPG
    Moment Of impact
    Impact.jpg Impact2.jpg Impact3.jpg
    10 seconds after
    10seconds.jpg 10seconds2.jpg 10seconds3.jpg
    5 Min
    5min.jpg 5min2.jpg 5min3.jpg
    10 Min
    10min.jpg 10min2.jpg 10min3.jpg
    14:10 Min
    14min.jpg 14min2.jpg 14min3.jpg
    15 Min
    15min.jpg 15min2.jpg 15min3.jpg
    15:30 Min
    1530min.jpg 1530min2.jpg 1530min3.jpg
    16:10 Min
    1610min.jpg 1610min2.jpg 1610min3.jpg
    17 Min
    17min.jpg 17min2.jpg 17min3.jpg
    17:30 Min
    1730min.jpg 1730min2.jpg 1730min3.jpg
    17:45 Min
    1745min.jpg 1745min2.jpg 1745min3.jpg
    18 Min
    18min.jpg 18min2.jpg 18min3.jpg
  3. The View the henderson's had, Think this could explain his view on how the ship sank
  4. Henry Sincic

    Henry Sincic Member

    Boat 1 was seen in Queenstown, as was 19. Ballard's book is great on images, but, from what I understand, the text is lacking in historical accuracy. BTW, Martin, I reference back-posts on ET a lot for help on books to read. Your posts have been very helpful to me, and I'm glad to see you back.
  5. Henry Sincic

    Henry Sincic Member

    BTW the animation looks great! :)
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  6. Do you mean Ballards Exploring the Lusitania? I ordered that and should arrive tomorrow, supper exited :D
  7. Credits sequence is done outside you know credits :) tell me what you think!
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  8. As funny as it is, when watching Tom's Lego video that his angles he used and they actually seem very accurate in a way
    Image39.jpg Image40.jpg Image41.jpg Image42.jpg Image43.jpg
    Also found this rare painting from Ken
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  9. PRR5406

    PRR5406 Member

    I don't know if you're writing about the Lego Lusitania sinking in the swimming pool, but that seems very accurate to everything I've read concerning the sinking.
  10. Most likely a bathtub XD
  11. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    Are you referring to this?
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  12. While i love those videos, the short answer is No. These are empty lego shells which has very different property's than steel ships ect
  13. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    They have basic bulkheads and ballast made up of many old pennies but like you say don't act in the same way as metal, (that being said, if only the funnels could float, They have made good lifeboats or rafts...)

    If you interested, He has many a Lego SS Empress Of Ireland ;)...

    Back to Topic (and more reputable sources)!
  14. Just Got exploring the lusitania!
    Amazing book, 300 hundred pages of pictures and paintings! A lot of pictures of the wreck iv never seen and even some paintings from Ken!
  15. Just have to share some of these!
    Iv never seen these first two before, hard to see in this Untitled-1.jpg Kencrack.jpg Kenleavingport.jpg quick scan i did (Sorry) but its clear that the crack in the hull goes through the double bottom, had to have been impact damaga
  16. Did quite a few updates to the model to match 1915 if you can look closely

    This week, danger is looming ahead......
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  17. Did not render it in high quality until more is done

  18. In the correct time frame
  19. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    That looks great in respect to the camera placement and the animation! :)
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  20. Pre vis of the first 31 seconds, already fixed the lifeboats