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Real-Time Lusitania Sinking

Discussion in 'Final Voyage Sinking and the Wreck' started by Itsstillthinking, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. FelisLeopard

    FelisLeopard Member

    I think you can do it if you want to show the ship around in different environments. To show its beauty before the sinking. Especially if you have some interiors or open spaces, like the bridge and Open Cafe. If there are working lamps and you can set up the shinyness of her windows and portholes - you can show the night and early morning as well. Same with the fog, that fateful morning...
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  2. Il see what i can do when i get to that point. For all i know the amount of lights combined with polygons might be too much
  3. Was able to find some new amazing footage of a very recent Lusitania exhibition! This is stuff i will definitely use for the credits with the new wreck model.
    Includes some amazing photos of the bow section to the #1 funnel, alot has changed from 1993 to very late 2017
    LucyBow.PNG LucyBow2.PNG LucyBow3.PNG LucyBow4.PNG LucyBow5.PNG
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  4. CM1971

    CM1971 Member

    Ouch that is depressing, so much deterioration. Nearly unrecognizable.
  5. Kurt Urbain

    Kurt Urbain Member

    Those photos are sweet. Where’d ya find em?
  6. Was going to keep it a surprise until the animation is released, but its too exiting!
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  7. Kurt Urbain

    Kurt Urbain Member

    Officially geeking out, haha. Makes me wanna paint the wreck again. It’d probably end up looking like an abstract by the looks of that wreckage.
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  8. When you get tired of doing Titanic And Lusitania animations
    BigFitz1.jpg BigFitz2.jpg
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