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Real-Time Lusitania Sinking

Discussion in 'Final Voyage Sinking and the Wreck' started by Itsstillthinking, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. PRR5406

    PRR5406 Member

    Yes, better water. Perhaps a tiny tinge of brown at the surface? A much better step forward.
  2. Just some fun!
    kinsale.jpg port.jpg port2.jpg send.jpg star.jpg star2.jpg star3.jpg star4.jpg star5.jpg star6.jpg stardeck.jpg stardeck2.jpg stardeck3.jpg stardeck4.jpg
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  3. also reason for random missing port propeller is because its gone for when its animated
  4. PRR5406

    PRR5406 Member

    This is going to be quite good, in terms of simulation.
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  5. So it stands as this. 1. Will finish the wreck model this week, had it mostly done but scraped it as i know i can do better 2. try one last idea i have of a wake 3. start the master animating
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  6. I should note it will be a more intact version of the wreck as it appeared back in 1916 ish as i tried making it look much older but i not happy with it. I will be basing it off kens paintings and the limited wreck footage out there. It will not look like this piece of junk, im not even sure what happened to the bow here, looks like a animal or something
    Image27.jpg Image29.jpg Image30.jpg Image31.jpg
  7. Been looking at lots of footage of ships sinking from torpedo's and its interesting to see how some of them sink much like the Lusitania is some respects

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  8. Sorry for the issues with the model but it the best i can do with the time i have. If you look closely you can see the break

    lua wreck.jpg lua wreck2.jpg lua wreck3.jpg lua wreck4.jpg
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  9. PRR5406

    PRR5406 Member

    I like the modeling of the sunken "Lusitania" very much! It's hard to imagine the ship still reflected much of her beauty and design, while laying destroyed on the sea floor. I've been reading "Dead Wake" this week, and reviewing photos of the ship during her short service life. This was an elegant liner. In this model, one remembers the fresh paint, now covered with algae and sediment. Deep in that broken hull lay the skeletal remains of a thousand children, women, and men.
    Something like the loss of the World Trade Center towers in 2001, a fixture of the modern 1915 world was destroyed in a cataclysmic event. Coming on the heels of "Titanic", the 17 minute destruction of "Lucy" had to shake the foundations of possibility and belief. It just couldn't be true, yet here it is.
  10. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    It erie how familiar it would have looked to the wreck of the Britannic, both lying on the same side, both with a broken bow, funnels lying nearly perfectly to the side.
  11. Took two colors from kens paintings, which one do you like?
    lua ken1.jpg
    lua ken2.jpg

    I like the blue one better personally

    Recreated some of kens paintings
    lua ken3.jpg lua ken4.jpg

    Later today il make a version of the model that has sea groth on it. Even though the angle of the bow is less than desired, im kinda happy with how it turned out, especially the funnels!
  12. PRR5406

    PRR5406 Member

    The green would be what you'd see if you were looking at her through clear seas.
  13. Which one is better?
  14. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    It's the fine line between accuracy and artistic interpretation since while Green might be accurate for a shipwreck in relativity shallow water, people would normally associate / stereotypical imagine it to be Blue.

    (In Dunkirk for example, The Messerschmitts were shown with yellow nose cones, in reality they weren't painted yellow till after the event but because we regularly see / imagine them with yellow cones, that the decision was taken to keep them yellow.)


    More Accurate: Green
    More recognisable / what would be excepted: Blue
    Personally: I vote Blue.


    On another topic, You probably know this but one of the Lusitania's propellers was raised and brought by the Merseyside Maritime Museum in Liverpool and is on display outside on a plinth.

    Port side propeller (4 bladed) and cone from the wreck of RMS Lusitania, Lusitania collection
  15. Il keep it green, also made the wreck more of a rusted color but that did not turn out well, il keep it in 1916 ish color scheme

    Also on a side note just out of luck that propeller is the one missing from this model i think :D

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  16. PRR5406

    PRR5406 Member

    What was recommended above is my recommendation as well. The immensity of the wreck is also apparent. It's so difficult to imagine one of the largest ships in trans-Atlantic service being swallowed whole, as such.

  17. Just a quick test on how the water will look when the ship is moving
  18. does this suck or not?
  19. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    The wake looks fine but could be a tad wider as it appears to shrink to a point the further away it gets (unless that's just the perspective). Also the water looks great!

    Jus to ask, not to inconvenience / force you to do more work, but are you including fog or mist as Lusitania apparently steamed though it prior / just before the torpedo strike?
  20. Seems that fog is a bit of a pain as the heavier i make it, the harder it is so see the clouds here are some tests

    fog.jpg fog1.jpg