Really Tasteless Collectible

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Peter J Heppell

I have just had a look and come to the conclusion
Thinking of which, did anyone here ever see one of those Titanic toilet floats? Now that's Titanica that I never got the point of.

(A very dear Titanic friend who delighted in the tackiest Titanica wanted one to complete his collection. Alas, for I saw the float but once and his kitsch remained incomplete.)

Inger Sheil

I have a very good mate with a doctorate in Medieval history, who has a passion for the past that extends beyond the period of her studies and encompasses Titanic history. She has the rare combination of precise academic methodology and an appreciation of humanity - a passion for facts, and a deeply compassionate understanding of past ages.

She also has a highly developed sense of humour and/or the absurd.

This may explain her collection of odds and ends such as the Titanic piggybank, Titanic beer stein, and a box of Titanic mints. I don't know if she'd go for the toilet float, Fi, but I wouldn't be surprised. And yet you'd be hard pressed to find anyone more devoted to a complete and humane understanding of the disaster than her.

Most of my bits of tack-a-rama were gifts from well meaning friends, but I do admit to buying a Japanese Titanic hand held game at the time of the first wave of movie hype - simply because it was so awful. You dodged the ship in and out of icebergs, and when you reached a certain score the 'lovers' (read: Jack and Rose clones) danced across the top.

Whatever floats your boat indeed - to each their own.

(PS - Fi, if I ever come across Titanic toilet floats in Victoria's Basement, I'll make sure the bulletin gets to you first!).
Not open for further replies.