Reasons you are interested in the RMS Titanic

Brandon Holm

Mar 11, 2007
I am doing some research for another paper on the Titanic and would like to know:

1.) What first interested you the subject of the RMS Titanic? and;

2.) What drives you to continue this research?

Your names (both real and user names) will not be used, unless you permit me to do so.

This will help in resolving the "Legacy" portion of this paper.

Thank you all.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>1.) What first interested you the subject of the RMS Titanic? and;<<

First heard of it when A Night To Remember came on and later read the book.

>>2.) What drives you to continue this research?<<

An interest in maritime history in general and shipwreck forensics in particular. The Titanic is all but made to order for that sort of thing because she was the subject of two official investigations as well as the usual barrel of liability lawsuits from the survivors and the next of kin of those who were lost. This means that there's a wealth of primary sources to consult and the wreck is accessible for study as well.

That this was the object of some really intense media scrutiny at the time also gives us entire archives of newspaper material which...if rarely a nice snapshot of how the disaster was percieved in the public eye.

>>Your names (both real and user names) will not be used, unless you permit me to do so.<<

Feel free to use mine if you wish. Since what I said here is accessible to anyone who cares to google up my name, there's little point in hiding behind an alias.

By the by, what exactly is the focus of your paper and about where/when do you expext to publish? I'm sure some would find it interesting to read.

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Brandon Holm

Mar 11, 2007
The paper is about the legacy of disasters in history (i.e. Titanic, Hindenburg, etc.) that changed the thinking in our society.

The paper expands on a paper I posted here, and published online. This is for my master's thesis.

Sam Brannigan

Feb 24, 2007
1) School teacher who told the story brilliantly.

2) I don't contribute to research but I enjoy learning from the fruits of everyone elses labour!
From learning about the subject at school, to ANTR, making Revell models and then getting more and more engrossed in the subject here I am now, still addicted to the subject 25 years later. I suspect many other board members have similar stories to tell.

If this helps at all, feel free to use my name.

Jason D. Tiller

Dec 3, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario

1.) What first interested you the subject of the RMS Titanic? and;

When I first heard the song, It Was Sad When That Great Ship Went Down at the age of nine, while at camp.


2.) What drives you to continue this research?

A deep and vested interest in maritime history, and shipwrecks in general. I enjoy researching every aspect of the story, including the lives of the passengers and crew, and am writing a full scale biography on one of the passengers for this site. Feel free to use my name as well.

All the best with your thesis.​

João Carlos Pereira Martins

1) Actually it was the tragic story itself. When I first got in touch with Titanic, I thought how such a great ship, so technologically advanced for its time, with so many influential people on board, could sink in the maiden voyage?! Then there was Cameron's film, books, documentaries and, finally, ET.

2) The fact that there is still so many things and mysteries to solve. Of course there are lots of Titanic related issues we will never know the answers, but I like to wonder about them and find possible solutions.

As Jason already emphasized, I have, like him, a deep interest in maritime history,in major maritime disasters and its circumstances.

No problem to use my name.

João Martins

Darin Kight

May 29, 2010
It's everything, from the opening lines of Walter Lord's ANTR, to the last faint echo of Wallace Hartley's violin as he and his fellows set aside their instruments for the last time. It's the people, Not damn likely...plenty of time yet sir...come at once, we have struck a go and I'll stay awhile...she's gone. The people made Titanic, they gave her life, populated her and gave her meaning. Also the ship and the circumstances around her sinking. Striking an iceberg, the largest, safest ship on earth, "...and the builder told him it couldn't float." How can it not captivate you and draw you in? Yes we love Cameron's opus for bringing the Titanic into being, a thing of color and beauty, but there will always be the magic, the romance, the stark dramatic nature of black and white. This ship has been a part of my life for more years than I care to think. I alone shared this curious interest, this passion, and how Iwould have loved to have someone to share this knowledge with, all these facts and figures committed to memory. I believe that is why we're all here. We are all a little Titanic crazy.
Oct 8, 2011
>>We are all a little Titanic crazy.<<
A very good way to put it. Now, I of course knew only the basic facts of Titanic until I watched Cameron's movie. This then inspired me to do more and more research, reading many books and looking at many internet articles, and I slowly started becoming more knowledgeable in the area.

What makes me continue researching? I like researching the deck officers, simply put. The bravery they showed on the night, their diligant efforts to load the boats, and for some, ending up at the bottom of the North Atlantic in the end. I am glad that they haven't been completely forgotten and vanished away into history. Of course, I also like researching the sinking theories and the Californian incident.

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