Recently surfaced unpublished Titanic photo

Feb 14, 2011
Anyone recall that auction on Ebay recently for that *unpublished* stern side shot of Titanic pulling away from Southampton dock? It was the most amazing Titanic photo Ive ever seen. I think it sold for $5,000 or so...

There was also the photo album of unpublished pre- Titanic disaster photos of officers Lightoller,Boxhall and Blair. I think the chap who bought that album intends on publishing it sometime soon. I just hope that unpublished Titanic photo could be published...


Tarn Stephanos
May 8, 2001
I believe the officer's photos you are referring to was won by a very nice man I was able to meet by chance on the Queen Mary in September. His name is Jeff Newman. (To my knowledge he doesn't post, but lurks from time to time.) He was kind enough to make copies of his pictures, and I got the great pleasure of thumbing through them while dining on board the Queen Mary. My mind was swimming already for all the wonderful information I gathered from the days events,(as well as those of September 11) and I know I didn't truly appreciate what he had, but, it was a great stash. I have confidence that they will be in public view again.
(beat you to it Inger

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