Record age difference

Arun Vajpey

For a celebrity (well, of a sort), is the 41-year age difference between Madeline Force Astor Dick Fiermonte's first and third husband some sort of record?
Hello Gentlemen,

Perhaps Evgueni! My Grandfather was 19 years older then my Grandmother when he met and married her! Old enough to be her father i'm sure somebody said at least once in their lives! I think JJ taught Madeleine not to care about age! My Grandparents certainly didn't!

Arun Vajpey

>>>>>>> I meant her 3rd husband was 36 years YOUNGER than her 2nd! LOL, I still win, though.<<<<<<

No you don't win Evgueni. Madeline FADF is still in the lead!
Evgueni is in second place though and that means Silver Medal!


If only my mother was smart enough to marry a middle-aged billionaire that has a thing for ocean travel... I'd be set!
I'll say, that would be sweet and I'd be your best friend!
Or jealous! "That Evgueni! Rich, Handsome and young while I am poor, old and put upon!" Cheesy line from "Vanity Fair A Novel Without A Hero" by Thackeray, I just had to use! I promise no more such lines for today at least!​