Recreating Roy Mengot's Breakup Theory with CGI

I attempted to recreate Roy Mengot's Breakup Theory with Blender and models provided by fellow user ItsStillThinking. It's not as polished as I'd hoped it to be but I had to pull out just about every trick in the book that I know of to get this to animate and render properly.

There are links to Paul Lee's and Roy's preserved website in the video description for those who wish for a more in-depth look into the theory.

Goes without saying that this is a theory it is not meant to be a resolute statement of how Titanic Broke apart, merely a well informed & researched perspective of it. I'm well aware that it doesn't align with the 2012 theory or Honor & Glory's (that's the point). This theory has never been shown to my knowledge in 3D animations before so I was curious to see how it would look when compared to others.
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Kyle Naber

(This comment has already been placed in the comment section of the YouTube video, but is being reinforced here for conversation sake)

Your explanation is very clear and you communicated your ideas very clearly, but I think the settling of the stern was much too brief. There were some who recalled thinking the stern was going to float and they could distinctively see that the bow had detached, meaning that either the bow took longer to achieve those 35°, or the bow detached when the stern was in a horizontal configuration and the weight of the engines and the flooding waters were sufficient enough to pull the stern up.
i know i sound like a broken record, but i am really appreciative of the effort with these animations. Gets food for thought that maybe the select few animations out there based on evidence not available to the public is not the one and only credible theory out there. Glad the first video is really taking off!


It's great to see other break up theories given fresh animation. While I personally think it was a combination of the 2012 theory and this(I.e. The truth is somewhere in between?), I do appreciate the effort you've passionately out into this. And I love watching these videos while painting and assembling models! Always enjoy a good knowledge binge!
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I just want to say great job on Adapting Roy's work to 3D, he would be proud! ;)

Also, I'm surprised to hear that part of the Titanic is still missing (The Port Side part of the Smoking Room) or at least uncatalogued on the wreck site. If it wasn't found in the 2012 sonar scan, it must have drifted quite far from the wreck site's perimeter.


Never fear, the internet archive is here !

Mengot's site:

Wormstedt's site:

Bill Wormstedt is an absolute gentleman when replying to e-mails. Always quick to respond and polite, friendly and constructive in his replies. Good bloke.
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