Reflection to 93 years of the tragedy

Mauro Zungri

Nov 2, 2004
Hello: Today he is 14 of April and are the 8:15 a.m. in my country and began to think that today it was I complete day that the Titanic saw the sun light. It imagined to my tìo and wife (James and Lulu Drew) and the small Marshall in the middle of the Titanic; and histories of love and delivery that in few hours vivirian the Allison, Eva Hart, Edith Evans, the Astor, the Lindell, etc.
Today to 93 years of the anniversary of the tragedy also I imagine to the ladies Dean, Asplund and West who to have the gelida night of the 15 of marked April of 1912 in their skin.
From my distant country quice to share this thought with you my friends!
OH!! sorry by my inglish!!!
Jan 29, 2005
I have been thinking of the Titanic all week. On Sunday April Tenth while practicing in the early afternoon I thought, just an hour ago at this time the Titanic almost collided with the New York. And this morning I was thinking, this is the very last day for the Titanic.

I wonder how survivors dealt with this day. As someone pointed out shortly after the September 11th attacks (and on a side note I think 9/11 is to us what the Titanic is to the Edwardian Era) that we always remember the first year anniversary but we never think about the second and third year anniversaries.

Wesley Burton

Apr 22, 2004
I have been thinking about it a lot this past week. I changed the clock on my computer to match the time where the Titanic is. 10:56 PM now.

The other day my art teacher just walked into the room and said "So what anniversary is on Friday?" I almost instinctively said "The Titanic sinks." Thats not what he was refering to when he asked but he went along with it. Today we talked about it and other maritime disasters.

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