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Jun 10, 1999
In an attempt to organize my Titanic research materials over last weekend, I paused to read a post contributed to the now defunct: [email protected]

I thought many of you here would respect it, hence I wanted to share it. Begin post...

Tonight while thinking about the people who perished eighty-six years ago, I'm reminded of the expedition in 1996 when a few of us had the occasion to go swimming at the site. The feeling was incredible-at once exciting and emotional-and knowing that the Titanic was below two and a half miles, while at times caught in troughs of waves, preventing one from even seeing the horizon. I can only imagine what those people felt with nothing around them in a vast ocean in the dead of night.

During the same expedition on one of the evenings that the cruise vessels were there, I also had the experience of touring the ship in a zodiac, and looking up at it's grandeur in a pitch black night, not unlike the ides of April, 1912, save the warmth of summer weather. Reflecting upon it now, looking up at the Island Breeze with her faint illumination conjures an image likely resembles what many saw as they looked upon Titanic as she was sinking. It is certainly a frightening prospect to be in near-freezing water at such a time with no light, the screams of thousands of surrounding people, and little or no hope of survival.

It's just after 11:40, and my thoughts are with them.


End post-

Shared by Michael Cundiff. I felt the post so heartfelt, and unfortunate as it is, I feel that Matt Tulloch is not a member of our ET forum. I would love to hear more of his dive(s)to Titanic, particullary when him and Nargeolet sent the R.O.V. "Robin" into the refridgeration area of the wrecked stern section.

Michael Cundiff

Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
a post contributed to the now defunct: [email protected]

The T-D mailing list is still around, Mike. It's just on a different server---Listbox, rather than Silverquick.
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