Reginald Hale

My name is Colin Silvester Hale ,My great grand father Silvester was the landlord Of Rodney Stoke Inn around the fateful time of the Titanic disaster when my second uncle Reg Hale Lost his life on the fateful month of April .I call it that a fateful month My Sister Ava was killed in the same month in the Swiss Air Disaster she was just 21 in the February before her death,Also it was the same month my mother died so it must be a month for me to remember .. R.I.P.
My name is Andrew Linham. My grandfather was George Wentworth Hale, brother of Reginald Hale. I remember my grandfather with great affection and can also remember Howard, Matt and Roland the only brothers I came in contact with. My daughter, Catherine is fascinated with the Titanic disaster and this year we visited the Titanic Exhibition in London, which we found very moving. We are currently working on the family tree and this site has given me all the names of the Hale brothers and sisters at the touch of a button.


A year before my father died (Delbert l Hale jr) he told me that we had a distant relative that was a victim of the titanic sinking so I did some searching and came upon Reginald Hale could some one help me see if any way I’m related to him and see if I can track down more family that may be related to me please.
Hello to all who posted about Reginald Hale. Reginald's employment was a The Home in Auburn, NY in 1912 when he went to England as noted above. I am currently the Administrator at The Home in Auburn, NY and am enthralled by all the history within our walls of The Home, as I have been doing extensive research in our archives, census logs and have been looking for a photo of Reginald and have had no luck as of yet...
I'm unsure if I my self am related to this individual but I was born as Edward Wesley Hale I have family here in michigan that I am aware of last name is spelled the exact same way