Relative Missed the Boat


Martin Rogers

Hi Everyone

I have long since known that my great aunt had a ticket for the Titanic but had to cancel at short notice. She was a childs nurse, the child came down with measles and the trip was cancelled. My aunts name was Gertrude Thompson, the childs christian name was Trudy and her surname may have been Dale. Is there any possibility of finding out more - are there records of cancellations etc?

Martin Rogers
Manchester, UK
Hello Martin,

I'm not for certain, but wouldn't their names be on the passenger list anyway? I think so. For example, Frank Carlson missed the boat, and yet his name is (I think) still on the list. In fact, he's mentioned in Walter Lord's book, "A Night To Remember."

Perhaps someone else can offer you more assistance.

Hi Brandon,

A few names remained on the Purser's List; but given the fact that White Star mis-spelt so many names are you certain that the Frank Carlson whose name appears on the Passenger List is not really Frans Carlsson?

Hi Lester,

I could be mistaken about the name. It may very well be Frans Carlsson. I was reading about it on another thread under this forum. All I know is, he was first-class, and his car got a flat on the way to the ship, and he missed the Titanic. I also know that you are that passenger in "Titanic: Adventure Out of Time". It is the name of the agent.
Hi Brandon,

Carlsson, did not have his car break down. He was a sea-captain stranded on his ship in Southampton. It was Walter's Lord's Carlson whose car is said to have broken down.

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Hello Lester,

I was thinking of Lord's Carlson, whose car broke down. I always thought about how it must have seemed like bad luck at the time, but I'm sure he was quite happy about his "bad luck" five days later.

Hi Brandon,

Thank you for that. I note that Walter Lord says: "Driving to Cherbourg in his own car....". Wonder what Carlson was he going to do with the car when he reached Cherbourg? Information supplied by a White Star Line Fares Rate booklet reads: "Automobiles cannot be landed or shipped at Plymouth or Cherbourg".

Hi Brandon,

Back to where? If what we have from Walter Lord is correct then Frank Carlson was an American on his way home. Might he have wanted to take his own car with him?

Hi, I'm back, Lester as you can see I can get into the message board just fine now.

Going back a bit, there were 3 people left on the passenger list that was distributed to the passengers, and those 3 people did not sail They were a Mr. Schabert and two gamblers; Melody and White (no doubt pseudonyms). Likewise there were 8 people missing from that list, and those 8 people did sail.

From the cabin list we know a further 7 names of those who didn't sail. None however fit the above description of Dale etc.


Becca Smith

If anyone does know where you can get information on ancestors who missed the boat, i would like to know more.I have an ancestor, don't know her name off the top of my head, but i know she forgot her luggage on the train, went back to get it, and by the time she got back the ship had left. This really interests me, if you have info, let me know.

Dan Torghele

I too had a relative (my grandmother Afra Paterno) who missed the boat (as the story goes). After some research I have discovered she got to Ellis island on Apr. 10, 1912 on the Olympic. Is there any information on passengers who boarded other ships because of the coal strike that was going on at the time. I'm wondering if she had to board the Olympic because of the coal strike.