Relief Fund Passengers

I have recently acquired a copy of THS's: The Titanic Relief Fund booklet. - It contains a wealth of information such as the number of Dependants left by some of those who died.

Thus Cacic, L. - Widow and 9 children.

At the moment I am looking at the Syrian passengers.
Case No 414 is Moubarek, H. - Widow 2 children.
This case in interesting in that although White Star and PRO records list Monbarek as lost it is currently accepted that he survived: Hannah, Barak. - According to a Newspaper item attached to his biography Barak married 16 July 1912; so it would seem that he did not make contact with his wife [in Syria?] who was apparently accepted as being his widow and believing him lost claimed monies for his loss.

Case No 421 is Samaan, H. - Widow 3 children. This will be Hanna Samaan, who died along with his two teenage sons.
Case No 425 is Samaan Youssef [the name is bracketed with that of Samaan, H.] - Widow 4 children. But Youssef Samaan was one of the teenage sons of Hanna Samaan [the age I have is 14], so it would seem unlikely that he left a widow and 4 children.
Case No 426 is Samaan, B - Mother. This will be Betros Seman/Samaan.

Case No 436 is Youssef, G - Widow 6 children
Case No 437 is Youssef, G - Widow 3 children

These two seem straight forward; but .... Taking the names of the Syrian passengers from Hermann Soeldner's Passenger List we have:
Youssef Abi Saab, Gerious aged 28; and
Youssif Sam'aan, Gerious aged 45

Looking at the American Red Cross Report Case No 403 is of a 28 year old Syrian who left a widow in the US and 4 children under 7 in Syria. That reads like [see above] Case No 425 - Samaan, Youssef.

So I am guessing some confusion with case numbers 425; 436 and 437; but without sufficient informations on the Syrian passengers I am hoping that someone with that information can more positively identify which passengers are being referred to.
Hello Lester,

I have a relief check sent to a K Jenkins. I can find no crew or passenger with the surname Jenkins. Does the relief book say anything about a Jenkins?

Thank you for your help.