Remember Alfred Nourney

Arne Mjåland

Oct 21, 2001
I noticed that on November 15 this year it was 30 years since he died.
You have probably read his biography here in ET where you get an impression of a not right grown up man in 1912. I want to draw your attention to the fact that he turned up to be a very respectable man in later life.
From Herr Rollenmiller, Stadt Bad Honnef, Dienstelle Schul-, Sport- und Kulturabteilung I got sent a copy of a telefax sent by Herr Bott in December 2001 in the firm "Rheinische Kraftwagen Gmbh", in Bonn.
It was a copy of a letter to Bonner Rundschau, 59 Bonn-Bad Godesberg dated February 23 1972:
80 birthday Herr Alfred Nourney, born 26.2.1892
Our employe for many years Alfred Nourney Alexander-v.-Humboldtstr. 30, Bad Honnef celebrates his 80 birthday.
Herr Nourney had worked in our car-sales house since 1950, and has is in that period served the customers in Rheinthal and Westerwald excellent.
He had got a technical education as expert on cars.
During the years 1920 - 1930 Nourney took part in many successful car- race competitions. As globetrotter he was often travelling around the world.
"The Honnefer Zeitung", Bad Honnef brought his obituary only a few days after he died November 15 1972.
As far as I understand Alfred had got the huge amount of money he had on the Titanic from his mother, who just then had become a widow. The Nourney family owned a sccessful wineshop in Køln for at least three decades.
The "Honnefer Zeitung" has something about Alfred Nourney on its internet pages (the papers archive)
I wonder why anybody has not written a book about him, a very remarkable Titanic passenger. He has two doughters living in Germany, and at least one grandson.

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