Rene Jacques Levy


Terry Zakine-Cerf

One of my family members died on the Titanic, his name was Rene Levy. Your site is the most beautiful ' In Memoriam ' for him and for all those who losed their lives in this tragedy. Thank you.

Terry Zakine-Cerf
May 1, 2008
Istanbul, Turkey, early 1930s

In my great-grandparents’ circle of friends there was this lady who had lost her son in the Titanic. My grandmother, a young woman at the time, used to remember how she would never talk about it.
I was wondering if it was true or if it was just one of the many stories that are passed in families from one generation to the other… but my mother says that it is true and still remembers the woman’s name: Levy. So she was French and not - as I thought - Turk or Greek (there were many Greeks in Istanbul back then, my grandmother being one of them).
I found a Levy in the list of the victims: René Jacques Lévy.

Age and nationality probably match the information I have. I wonder what happened to his wife and daughters, since his mother lived all alone in Istanbul and no one ever saw relatives of any kind.

Does anyone have more information about René Jacques Lévy, how can I find out something more about him?


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