Replacement crew?

Arun Vajpey

Jul 8, 1999
When the Titanic sailed out of Southampton, the story is that some of the crew still hanging about the local bars did not make it back to the ship in time for its departure; the 3 Slade brothers were among these and there were probably a few others. Sixth Officer Moody is supposed to have taken on board reserve crew in the last minute to replace the latecomers.

Is there any record of who these replacement men were and whether any of them survived the disaster?
Jan 23, 2006
There is a video out that talks about the high temperature fire in one of the boiler coal bunkers before it reached Southampton. The many of the crew who knew about it, didn't want to continue to sail so they resigned, and White Line had to find new crew,
Documentary done on Channel 4 covering Molony's research
Titanic: The New Evidence - On Demand - All 4
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