Replica to be built in Liverpool

Not sure where else to post this so....

Plans for a full-size replica of the Titanic have just been unveiled - but NOT in Belfast.

Instead, Titanic II will be built in Liverpool, to form part of the city's year as Capital of Culture, in 2008.

>>Mr Gillhooley should stop smoking those funny cigarettes!<<

I agree. While it's entirely possible that a static vessel could be built which on the surface would be visually identical to the Titanic, the end result will be anything but a faithful replica and at £270 million, will be bloody expensive to boot. The article stated that he's hoping to get lottery funding for part of this project. I'll believe it when I see it.
Nothing could even come close to living up to the grand lady herself. To me, Titanic II would be a Second rate wanna be
Let's see. An exact replica of Titanic would presumably come fully equipped with such attractions as primitive radio, inadequate lifeboats, and no radar. Add to this a shortage of such luxuries as private bathrooms and no air conditioning. Fit her out with a completely outmoded propulsion system, assuming you can find anybody to rivet the blasted thing together in the first place, and Hey Presto!

The biggest White Elephant of all time is the end result. Now, how much longer does this silly nonsense have to carry on for?
>>Now, how much longer does this silly nonsense have to carry on for?<<

Probably for as long as somebody thinks it would be a moneymaking scheme. All I can say to anybody attempting to pull it off is "Good luck."
Moneymaking scheme? At £270m? I'd just love to see the business plan. Even in the unlikely event, to put it mildly, of being able to extract half of it from the Lottery Fund, that still leaves £135m to be found. And even given a modest interest rate on the loan, or rate of return to a consortium, amortized over 20 years, it would need according to my very rough and scratchy calculations an excess of income over running expenditures of something like £350k a day ..... dig deep, everyone!
>>Moneymaking scheme? At £270m? I'd just love to see the business plan.<<

So would I. Does anyone seriously think this scheme is going to take in £350k a day and that much needed just to break even? I don't know of any museum that does that well.
Just think of the possibilities for movie making. You could televise a soap opera from onboard. You could lease out the boiler rooms to the department of corrections, a couple of shifts stoking those boilers might give the criminal element pause to consider their ways.Maybe they could get Dr. Ballard to run it for them. But then he'd probably make you sit in a warehouse on the pier and view the ship through remote cameras. Personally I don't think I'll ever see it, nor would I want to.
There is an hotel in Blackpool (the Norbreck Hydro) built to resemble the superstructure of a liner sans funnels.

Perhaps something on these lines is proposed, purely as a riverscape feature.

If that is so, Titanic has only a tenuous connection with Liverpool. Lusitania on the other hand would reflect the history of the port and be a much more relevant objective. Revenue potential would not be diminished and the largely indifferent general public would still end up being suitably educated.

Can't speak for the Germans though!

To me, Titanic is a tragedy that deserves respect. If this 'replica' was done correctly and respected the history and tragedy of Titanic I'm all for it. What I don't agree with is people capitalizing on Titanic. Too many people see it as a profit instead of history. Unfortunately, I suppose that's human nature and Titanic is definitely not the first nor last to be capitalized on. Afterall, who hasn't heard of Titanic? I saw the old movie Ghostbusters II last night and had to laugh at the scene "He says the Titanic just arrived!" "Better late than never!"
>>Finally a serious idea.<<

Actually, it's wishful thinking though I can see where this guy might *think* it's a serious idea. Now if he's willing to present all and sundry with a detailed prospectus explaining exactly what he has in mind and going into detail about how he intends to finance the project and make it a viable moneymaking business in the long run, then I might start to get the idea that he's serious.
I would really like to see the Titanic replica built. I also think that it would attract alot of attention but i dont think that it should be allowed to be in Liverpool. The white star offices may have been there and the ship had Liverpool written on her stern, but i still think it would be in the wrong place.

If Gillhooley's vision works out, which is highly unlikely with the great cost, i think that it woult be very popular and would probably make alot of money for the first month of it opening but then i think that it would just die out like most of the museums in England.