Research on family on the Titanic


Stephanie Stokes

A few years ago in school our teachers looked up some of our relatives that were on the Titanic.It turns out that I was related to a Mary Conover Lines,Phillp Joseph Stokes,and Helen Corr.All I know about these people is that Mary was 16 years old,survuved the sinking,and was in 1st class.Phillp was 25 years old,died in the sinking,and was a 2nd class passenger.Helen was 16 years old,survived the sinking,and was a 3rd class passenger.I also know that Phillp was some kind of uncle to me.Mary was a cousin and Helen was a great or great-great grandmother.Helen would be a grandmother by marrige.She married a few years after she was on the Titanic I belive.I need help finding out some information on my family mambers.Thanks a lot.
Jul 12, 2003
Stephanie...what is the source from where you got your information in your posting? Those particular records may help you. If you are working on information told (that is, just word of mouth minus any documentation as proof) to you, you have a little work ahead of you. The best way is to start with your parents and get the proper documented records (birth, death, marriage, baptism, census, probate, etc.) and go back as far as you can or want to go. Each record will give you a name of a parent to go another generation back. Create a pedigree chart for you can visualize where and how you connect to these people.

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