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Emily DeFilipps

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The Findagrave website is great. I stumbled on it last year. A local guy (Rochester) submits a lot of pictures so I in turn sent him to stones of
victims and survivors in the area. He photograph-
ed Edward and Ethel Bean's gravesites after I
learned where they were from this site. My son
and I also like to tour local cemeteries. Our
county historian had tours all summer and since we were regulars he knew of our interest in t~~-
anic. On our last tour he showed us the grave-
site of a survivor( May Howard )in a Medina,N.Y. cemetery. As complete as this website is she is one of a very few of Titanic's passengers without a bio. I am
hoping to have a short biography done to submit
in the near future. Check out the Findagrave T-
shirts! They're great conversation starters!

Hi Emily,
My friend Brian Meister and I had tracked May Howard down some time ago and have prepared a biographical sketch of her life for the "ET Research" Section. You should be seeing it there shortly. Like so many other Titanic survivors, she suffered from mental illness in later years (so did Edward Beane) and died in an institution in Rochester just as he did. Stay tuned for more.


Emily DeFilipps

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Hi Philip,
Yes,I did gather from what I had read about Miss Howard that her experience on the Titanic had
affected her profoundly. I believe she had only
planned to visit her sister here but would never
get on a ship again. I did know that Mr. Beane
died in the Rochester Psych Center and tracked down a son who is living in Rochester but decided
to leave well enough alone. On another subject-
do you by any chance have any information on a young man named William Alexander? He was on his
way to Albion. He may have been a stone cutter
coming to western N.Y. to work in the quarries.
Many stone cutters and masons would come here,
work, save their money and then return to Great
Britain. I have not found anything on him except
that he was lost and his body was never recovered.
Any info would be appreciated.

Hello Emily,
William Alexander was an agricultural labourer from England. His home was 10 Belvedere Place, Kitchener Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. At the time of his death he was 24 years old. I have in my possession a mourning card which was printed by his family following his death. He was en route to visit his brother Reginald and sister Gertrude Jex in Albion. Gertrude had paid his passage money and it was refunded by the American Red Cross.

Emily DeFilipps

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Thank you so much for the info on William Alexander! This site is incredible. Titanic is like a puzzle and every time I get a new piece of the puzzle it's so much fun.