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Aug 29, 2000
Many helpful and free websites abound online for finding information on passengers and crew. These are a few I have stumbled across in the past 2 days while looking for information for Barbara Anderson and Lusitania. Hope you all will share any tips you may have here.
Departments of Health and/or Vital Statistics for each state or town can provide birth, death and marriage information, newspapers, census and Social security rolls also have much information. and are good search engines for finding specific agencies. Some sites want to sell subscriptions but all have some free areas and hundreds more links. This is addictive!

Tracy Smith

Nov 5, 2000
South Carolina USA
Thanks so much,Shelley. I am familiar with some of these sites from doing research on my own family and I agree they would be most helpful in researching people connected with the Titanic.

Trent Pheifer

Thank you Shelley! Hopefully I will be able to find some stuff on Ruth Becker and her family!


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