Respecting Copyright Guidelines Important

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Lately, there have been issues arising from people posting photos and stories under copyright protection so it's time for a clearification of the rules.

Encyclopedia Titanica operates under the rules, regulations and laws of the United Kingdom as well as any and all international agreements and treaties that the UK is a signatory party to, as such, violation of copyright can and often does come with a signifigant risk of civil and criminal penalties.

From The ET Terms of use at Encyclopedia Titanica : Terms
By submitting your contribution to Encyclopedia Titanica, you warrant:

a. that no copyright exists on the contribution or
b. that copyright on the contribution has expired or
c. that explicit approval has been obtained from the copyright owner for submission or
d. that you own copyright on the material being submitted
In short, if you post a copyrighted photo make sure you have the permission of the owner of the copyright to do so, and giving full credit to and identification of the source. Further, when posting a story under the doctrine of Fair Use, you may post a small portion of the story with a link to the rest of the story, but you may not post the whole of the article.

Since certain U.S. laws apply to anyone posting from the United States, the following websites need to be reviewed by all members.

United Kingdom Copyright Law:

Please be guided accordingly since copyright rules will be strictly enforced.
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