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Evan Landrum

Jun 2, 2005
On page 73 of a 1955 edition of ANTR, there is a description of third class passengers who made it to the B deck 2nd class promenade area, then had to use an emergency crew ladder to make it higher. Two of the girls looked into the windows of the restaurant as they waited to climb, and thought about kicking the window out.

Which windows could they have looked in? Where was the ladder? All the windows in the Restaurant look out over the side.

Dec 17, 1996
I literally was just thinking about this myself! I went to check the forums for a possible answer and you had posted the question. Kind of weird.

However, I think the two girls in question climbed up either one of the ladders that were on the aft exterior bulkheads of the Second Class Smoke Room bar or bathroom. There are windows on the inboard side of each ladder, however they wouldn't have had a view of anything remotely looking like first class.

Perhaps, first, they looked into the Second Class Smoke Room, believed it to be first class and that is where the story came from? That is the only logical explanation unless they were on A-Deck climbing to the Boat Deck and could see in one of the Palm Courts. But they definitely couldn't see in the a la Carte Restaurant while climbing a ladder.
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