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Megan McCarty

Feb 28, 2009
I'm curious to know if there is a list, too.

It looks like a list could be constructed from the original signing-off papers. I'm looking at a copy of a page in Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy 2nd ed., page 257. The official that signed under the "Release" column also recorded the date. Entries for those who returned on the Lapland were dated April 30. Entries for those who returned on the Celtic are dated May 6 and those who returned on the Adriatic are dated May 13. I wonder if anyone has constructed a list based on these original records? I am curious to know who was held back in New York and then returned on the Celtic.

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Megan McCarty

Feb 28, 2009
After searching around a bit, I found scans of these documents. I went through and wrote out the names and dates of the crew members that were discharged. Here is a summary of what I found:

30/4/12 - 160 people
2/5/12 - 2 people
6/5/12 - 3 people
7/5/12 - 1 person
9/5/12 - 1 person
13/5/12 - 23 people
no signature/date recorded - 22 people (half of these had testified in the US)

I had two questions about this:

1. Should this information be posted somewhere on ET and if so, what format should the information take? Would it be most helpful to have a full transcription of the document or just a list with the names and dates? I see that the current crew lists include the "signing on" papers but not the "signing off" papers.

2. Some of the people who didn't sign these papers were witnesses at the US Inquiry. I wonder why it is that some did sign on the line for their name while others did not? Does anyone know?

Thanks for your time, everyone.


Currently reading the newspapers of the day which detailed the frantic attempts by Ismay and the company to ship the crew back to Britain the very moment the Carpathia docked. Ismay sending messages with his name spelt backwards (in code?) about holding the Cedric, and stories about tug boats waiting to transfer the crew survivors off the Carpathia before she has docked (to avoid reporters and subpoenas?) Senator Smith was reported that he would meet the Carpathia in person and bring a sergeant-at-arms to stop the crew from leaving.

Washington Times
'Senator Smith is taking prompt action....An official of the office of the Senate sergeant-at-arms will also be taken along. If necessary a government cutter or tug will be placed at the disposal of the subcommittee to go out and meet the Carpathia.....Subpoenas will be served on the various passengers, or some of them, by the deputy sergeant-at-arms.'

Mr. Franklin said the idea that the crew would be shipped back to Britain as fast as possible was the most natural thing to do. Do you agree? Were they really decent employers or were they trying to hide something? I have heard that the crew's wages were immediately stopped the moment the ship sank, they had to pay for lost clothing that belonged to the company, and that all of their faces were photographed and numbered when they reached Britain. Did they all have to sign something and swear they would never speak of what really happened to the public? When the Olympic came to the rescue of HMS Audacious, the passengers and crew witnessed her sink and were not allowed to tell anything what they had witnessed. Was there some kind of official secrets form they had to sign collectively? Did something similar happen with Titanic's crew?

Mr. Franklin at the US Inquiry.


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