Revell 1:570

Aurélien WOLFF

Aurélien WOLFF

It's been a while since I haven't posted news on my models, to resume what I did: I disassembled the 1/570 scale kit, decided to sand the injection pins because they were visible and badly placed, preventing part to fit well+there were 2 on the rudder, I had to sacrifice some lines to get one of them, not sure how I'll do it in scratch and I have to sand one side of the lifeboats too and deided to redo the davits.
Dsc 7211

Dsc 7212

Dsc 7213

Asked parts to revell but no answers yet so I might have to do them in resin using parts from another 1/570 scale titanic I got and I sanded the injection pins while watching a titanic related stream.