Review of the Queen Mary Long Beach

Jul 11, 2001
Hi Tim, Thanks for the compliment on the Lady Kenmore. At one point I was thinking of getting vanity plates that read "CQD-MGY" but then how many Titanic rivet counters like us would ever get to see it? The general public would hardly know the distress call letters let alone the Titanics call letters.

A life jacket in the back seat might get more reaction! I was going to keep some Sea-sickness patches in the glove box for those twisty winding roads.

While walking around the Queen Mary, a young couple about to sail on the Carnival Destiny was near us asking the tour guide some questions. "Was this an earlier Cruise ship?" he asked. The Queen Mary a "Cruise Ship"! The statement made me cringe!

I suppose as generation pass, perceptions change. Young kids today look in disbelief at my 75 Eldorado convertible. The are confused by the WhiteWall tires, the use of Chrome everywhere and the fact an interior can come in any color other than tan or gray like todays cars. So my car is alot like the Queen Mary. Oversized, a luxury icon of the past, admired by those who like the earlier days of excess. And much like the liner, it consumes massive amounts of fuel to move a short distance! I predict long after I am gone she will have a similar fate. The engine will be silenced, the fuel removed and it will be a museum piece. But untill then, I will still cringe as the flip flop wearing tourists smudge her brightwork. Again, not unlike the Queen Mary!

I hope we all can coordinate our schedules in the fall for a visit.

Until then, Happy Motoring!
David in Hartford

Mikael Jonsson

Hi again.

It has been over two years since I wrote in this thread, but now I am finally thinking about making the trip to see Queen Mary this summer together with my wife.

I don't know so much about California. It will be very expensive to go there all the way from Europe so I wonder is there anything else special to see in California except for Queen Mary? Is it worth visiting or is it just like going on a very expensive voyage to Mallorca?

best regards, Mikael
May 1, 2010
Last month my wife and I stayed 2 nights on the QM in Long beach. (it's not that far from home) I could go on and on about the ship, but the real question I have is this: I last visited the queen mary (extensively at least) in about 1982 or so. There is an enclosure around the outboard screw on the port side, going below the waterline. I could have sworn that in 1982, that enclosure was completely dry, exposing the massive propeller, and the screw was being turned by some kind of electric motor, for all to see. When we were there last month, the enclosure was still there but had water in it at the same level as outside. Anybody know anything about that????? CIAO! SG

James Smith

Dec 5, 2001
My understanding is that the chamber has always had water in it--at any rate, by the time I first visited it in 1987 it did. By then the propeller was no longer turning, and they had put a mannequin in scuba gear next to the propeller to give an idea of the scale.

Jul 23, 2008
I am thinking of visiting the Queen Mary this summer. Does anyone know if there is any major building/restoration going on which would spoil a stay there? In particular, the first class lounge and first class dining room and other famous public spaces. It's awful when you visit something and it's covered in scaffold or 'off limits' isn't it?!

Also, what are you allowed to see as a hotel guest? Is there anything out of bounds?

Sean Hankins

May 15, 2004
The teak decking on the port side promenade is undergoing restoration right now. The results look very encouraging.


Mar 28, 2015
I just love the Grand Salon Sunday brunch on C Deck ( I hate the term R deck) , by the way the grand salon is the first class dining saloon and it's aft of the main staircase. I was surprised to see that the deck reminded me of the reception room on D Deck of Titanic, since the main staircase on Queen Mary C Deck has a gangway door as well, sadly not opened.

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