Revolving door


Might i point out that the plan for A deck on this site seems to omit the revolving door situated 3/4 along the corridor connecting the forward 1st class entrance & the 1st class lounge. There were two of these doors on A deck, the other being aft, between the portside palm court/verandah, & the 1st class smoke room. (Britannic had 3, another 'revolver' was in position on the starboard palm court. This starboard revolving door was unique to Brittanic..along with many features not shared with Titanic or Olympic.
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I accidentally deleted the file on my computer, where it was written about the modes of revolving doors of the Titanic. Now I'm trying to find this article on the Internet via Google, but my attempts are vain. Can someone tell me a link to this source?

In the article, diagrams of revolving doors were drawn, it looked something like this (doors are doubled or assembled on the sides):


Juni Gobi
If it will assist members of Titanica the revolving doors on the ill-fated liner were of Van Kannel
design and manufactured by the VK Door co. of Watford (1911) with the mechanisms for the said
doors being done by Beeson and Sons of Rcikmansworth (1870-1970) who I worked for as a young
teenager. I have a dossier on VK doors of the period including the Titanic.

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