Rheims, Lightoller, and the Officer's Suicide Enigma

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George L. Lorton

Okay, I can understand Rheims not testifying about the suicide in court. If Rheims had done so he would opened up a can of worms. He did write of it to his family which makes me think he omitted and changed a few things for his courtroom testimony so he wouldn't have to talk about the officer taking his own life.Lightoller, was better able to leave Murdoch or Wilde's supposed suicide out of his testimony if he did witness it. I am sure he left a few other things out as well. Sounds to me that Lightoller omitted what he saw and worked out what he was going to say in the courtroom and stuck to his story like glue just like the lady of lore who likes to lie about her age.Anyways Mr Krebes, I do want to thank you for writing and sharing this. I really enjoyed this article. Usually I don't bother to argue about who did what in regards to the Officers Suicide but you presented such a good case I felt I had to put up some rebuttals. Just for folks to think over and form their own opinions although I think you have done some excellent research into subject.