Rhoda Abbott Revealed

Hi Michael,

It was very common for people of little wealth or social standing to be bypassed in the death notices which appeared in the main newspapers at the time, and even if Rhoda's death *was* recorded, it is ulikely that a place of burial would be cited.

If is infinitely harder to locate burial locations in the UK, chiefly because the death certificates are so sparse on details. This is a cause of constant frustration for us Brit passenger blokes! Death certs in the US provide such revealing details as the disposition of remains, name of funeral director etc. On this side of the pond, we are usually forced to resort to the old-fashioned method of contacting the nearest cemetery to where the survivor died.

You're quite right to say that Mrs. Williams did no age well. While many first class survivors became distinctly overweight in later years, as reflected by ther photographs, Rhoda appeared to have veered in the opposite direction, and gradually withered away, both physically and emotionally.

As you mention, her countless sorrows in life would have compounded this.


>>Rhoda appeared to have veered in the opposite direction, and gradually withered away, both physically and emotionally.<<

So I noticed. I've a hunch that at some point, she just gave up and decided she'd had enough. Failed marraige, shipwrecked, lost her children, next marraige apparantly one of convenience only and God knows what else...that's a lot to have to live with.
Her first marriage was a turbulent affair as well. Stanton continued to live on his own in Providence and the vicinity for a time after, and I found his name in the church records, as well as the record of Rossmore's baptism, which is the first time I saw Rhoda's signature in her own hand. Rhoda took in sewing for a time to help support the three of them, and had a very hard time making ends meet. The little home they shared is no longer standing, and was in the heart of the city. Here is the family church, Grace Episcopal, which is still a very active parish, and the memorial service for those lost on Titanic. I understand Rossmore sang in the boys'choir at one time.