Richard Fry

Paul Lee

Aug 11, 2003
He was servant to J.B.Ismay and perished in the sinking: his body was never recovered.

I cannot help but recall Guggenheim and his manservant who stuck together and decided to "dress in their best".

Why do you suppose Ismay's servant didn't do the same? I've had a look on the Titanic Inquiry Project, and a quick look doesn't reveal any pages in which Ismay and Fry were mentioned together. I can't even recall anyone saying that they say Fry that night.

Oct 17, 2002
It seems that they weren't together that night. When asked during the American Inquiry Ismay says that after the collission he spoke to no other passengers that he knew. I would assume that he also meant Mr. Fry. He mentions going back to his room after stepping into the hall and getting dressed and speaking with the Capt. on the bridge but never Mr. Fry. I know this isnt a definitive answer as I am looking into anything else I might have. But just wanted to give you a heads up.

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