Richard Otter

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Richard Otter

Mar 5, 2005
Hello everyone, after a long time just looking I’ve finally joined (and worked up the courage for my first post).

I have been hooked on the Titanic ever since I was a small boy and saw ‘A Night to Remember’ for the first time. All these years later and that film still has the power to move me, even for an old black and white flick.

I actually liked the Cameron film but for all the wrong reasons, the first time I saw it I didn’t really watch the story. I had always dreamed of seeing the Titanic leaving land for the final time and heading out into the Atlantic. Of standing in the engine room as the mighty engines built up speed, that pair of reciprocating engines must have been a great sight to see in action. To see the ship alive rather than just pictures or images of a rusting broken wreck, for me that was great.

Then I was surprised to find that I have a namesake second class passenger. My surname is reasonably unusual so who knows might even be a distant relative.

Apr 14, 2005
Hello Richard. I too have been fascinated with Titanic since I was little. I've only had the courage to make my introductory post! I thought I knew a lot about the Titanic until I read some of these threads. All these people's knowledge about the ship absolutely dwarfs mine!

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