RMS Arabic wreck exploration and salvage


Richard Coplen

Hey guys,
I was just on Ebay and came across a china sugar bowl from the wreck of the RMS Arabic recovered during diving operations to the wreck in June 1996. I wasn't aware that the Arabic had been found until now. The Ebay item can be seen at:

rms arabic | eBay

Can anyone tell me what the wreck looks like today and what sort of items have been recovered from it? Are there any sonar scans or drawings of the ship in its current state? Would really appreciate it as this particular White Star liner has fascinated me for a long time now.
Appreciate it,
Mike Poirier

Mike Poirier

Hi Richard
I once heard that there was video taken of the diving expeditions and that they were looking for diamonds. How true this is, I do not know. I also remember reading the Commutator and they had a few rivets that were taken from the ship on an expedition.

Eddie Petruskevich

I actually purchased the Boat Deck bronze handrail piece from the diver who recovered the china from onboard. Would have liked to get the china, but became too pricy.

Eddie T Petruskevich