RMS Carpathia : Out of the dark of the dawn

Fascinating article. God bless Captain Rostron, Harold Cottam and all the Carpathia's heroic crew whose sterling efforts on that fateful night unquestionably averted further tragedy being appended to an already terrible disaster.
I continue to be amazed by how small details really do matter, notwithstanding the popular book that tells us to not "sweat" the small stuff.


There is a new article out in Voyage, the Journal of the Titanic International Society (Eric Cimino, "Carpathia's Care for Titanic's Survivors," 101, Fall 2017), that also profiles Carpathia. This article has more of an emphasis on the efforts of the captain, crew, and passengers to plan and implement the rescue and on-board care.
Another recent article by the same author deals with the survivors' ordeal in New York City. See Eric Cimino, "Walking Titanic's Charity Trail in New York City: Part I, Voyage 107 (Spring 2019).



In "The World After WWI, 1918 - 1921" my Great Aunt Celeste O'Donnell repeats a story told to her about May Beckhead (sic) to her sister Rosalie O'Donnell who was serving overseas in the Red Cross during that time period. The comments go one to tell of what May accomplished later in life.