RMS Douro

Oliver K

Jul 8, 2018
On the first of April 1882 a steamer with the name of "Douro" foundered after colliding with the spanish steamer "Yrurac Bat" and there were 6 fatalities including the ships captain, but most notably, Douro was known for carrying cargo of some quite considerable consequence, including gold and diamonds, and such on the night she sank, she bought many gold sovereigns (22ct gold £1 coins) down with her.

Since then i believe that the coins have been recovered, but not many people, especially maritime enthusiasts know about this wreck, she's more well known in the numismatics world for carrying what was essentially treasure, i can only find one photo of the ship on this site including an example of the kind of coins she carried.

I'll be looking forward to hearing if any of you have heard of this ship

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
There is a pile or information on several sites. Just search for Douro wreck. Finding the wreck was quite a feat. Getting most of the loot was even better!

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