RMS Gigantic A media flight of fancy


David Briedis

In 1911, as Olympic was still at sea on her maiden voyage, White Star ordered a third Olympic Class ship from Harland & Wolff. At the time there were reports in the media that she would be 1000 ft long, which proved to be wrong since the ship, the Gigantic/Britannic would be the same length as her sisters Olympic and Titanic. I decided to draw this imagined 1000-footer. She retains the name Gigantic through her career since she would be the largest ship in the world by far, unlike the real Gigantic/Britannic which had been surpassed in size by the German liner Imperator before she was even launched. Her career would mimic Britannic, being completed as a hospital ship during WW1 and being sunk in the Aegean by a mine in 1916.
Ah gigantic design
The ship as designed in 1911
Ah gigantic 1916 hs
As completed as a hospital ship
Ah gigantic 1914
How she would have looked if completed post-Titanic