RMS Homeric cigarette box?


Feb 18, 2013
Good evening and hello.
I've just found this site while researching an article I bought from a car boot. You have a very interesting site here. I've been in fishing most of my life in the Irish Sea and have always taken an interest in wrecks.
I was wondering if anybody had any ideas or information on an ornate metal cigarette or cigar box which has the name RMS HOMERIC stamped on the inside of the lid?

poi 116.jpgpoi 115.jpgpoi 114.jpgpoi 117.jpg

The photo's aren't the best I'm afraid. I was wondering whether anyone has seen one before, where it might have been or any info at all really.
Kindest regards

poi 114.jpg

poi 115.jpg

poi 116.jpg

poi 117.jpg
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