RMS Lusitania Deck Plans

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After I started liking the Lusitania, I realized something: there are no deck plans of her on Internet. The only one i've seen is from Geocities, but it's too small. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE SEND ME A DECK PLAN THAT'S BIG!!! I would really appreciate it.
Jim (and Senan, too),

That's a fantastic piece of work, and a valuable reference.


If you're interested in full plans of the ship for use as, say, a model-building reference, there's a relatively common set of g/a plans in the special number of Engineering on the ship; that's what that link that ash posted is taken from. You might want to pick up one of the reprint copies of that book so that you can have a set that's a little larger and clearer.

On the other hand, if you want the more expensive over-sized original builder's plans, try the Glasgow University Archives in Scotland.

Hope this helps, too.
As proved by the accompanying deck-plans I am finding this a hard paper to read because I am being distracted by the fact that the Port Side and Starboard Side labellings for the room numbers are all the wrong way around. - Port-side rooms had even numbers and starboard-side uneven numbers, the same as on the Titanic.
I'm sure that it is a simple transcription error, easily corrected once brought to the attention of the editors. It's not as if the deckplans had been posted without ever having been looked at....the centerline formed by the cabin partitions and the indicator notation "132 feet from the bow" remove any possible ambiguity from that plan segment, regarding fore and aft and port and starboard.
The error, which several of you pointed out to me a few days back, has been corrected. Port is now port, starboard is now starboard, and fore and aft now properly aligned.

christopher marshall

thanks for letting us look at them as there really detailed dose anyone have any blueprints of the lusitania engines by any chance
I've got a copy for the lusitania/ mauretania which I think comes from shipbuilder. I will try and scan a copy and send it to you if you like.
I think the plans were originally from the shi[builder and then printed in the titanic commutator. I got them from southampton maritime museum. I don't think there were any layout differences between lusitania/ mauretania. The plan is mark3ed as both. I'll get them scanned as soon as I can


Looking at a March 1912 Cunard First Class Fare Rate booklet, there are a number of differences between the two ships. Most notable the bay windows of the Lounge-Music Room and the Writing Room-Library. The Shipbuilder plans seem to be the ones for Mauretania and therein are so labelled. The bay windows of the Parlour Suites also appear to be different as is the forward section of B-deck on both ships, which differ from the Shipbuilder plans.
>>I'll get them scanned as soon as I can<<

If you wish to post them, make sure you get the permissions to do so. Since the Shipbuilder articles in question have been reprinted, they're still under copyright protection.

I'll send them direct rather than posting them, then there is no problem with copyright as they are for personal use. I'm not sure the will be of the correct configuration you want (i.e. lusitania) but its worth a go!

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If they are for mauretania- can somebody please find at least a section of the correct plans and then you just need to take the changes into account
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