RMS Lusitania Passenger List


Jason Marcotte

Does anyone know where I could view Lusitania's complete passenger list from her final voyage. I've looked on the web extensively and found nothing. Are there any sites like ET that focus on the Lusitania and her passengers' stories.

From the scant information that I was able to find on her illustrious 1st class passengers, I found out that Timothy Eaton's daughter/granddaughter were on board. This surprised me as I thought Vanderbilt and Froman (sp?) were the main "big-wigs" on board.

Anyway, thanks for any help!

Mike Poirier

Mike Poirier

Go back into the Lusitania thread archive. Shelley listed a website that can help you

Lester Mitcham

Hi Jason,

You ask about a Lusitania Passenger List. There is one available from THS; authored by John Eaton. I personally find it disappointing because there is nothing to distinguish between Lost and Saved.

Also when I started to compare Eaton's list with passengers named in the Hoehling book, I found that Eaton only lists one daughter with Lady Allan. The Hoehlings and Ballard speak of the Crompton family as comprising Mr, Mrs and their six children (and a governess). Eaton only lists the parents; and 2 children plus infant, and nurse. The Hoehlings and Ballard also name a Mrs Williams and her 6 children as being in 3rd Class. Eaton's list has 4 names with the surname Williams of whom it would seem that only Edith can be connected with the family referred to by the Hoehlings and Ballard.

Perhaps Eaton has better information as to who was onboard. I have not checked the rest of his list.

Hope this helps,

PS: Who was Timothy Eaton? and who were his daughter/granddaughter?

Eric Sauder

Hi, Jason:

As far as I know, no place on the web that has a complete, accurate passenger or crew list for Lusitania's final voyage. There are also no sites that I know of that focus on Lusitania passengers. In fact, I am fairly disappointed with most Lusitania sites. The lack of accurate information is alarming, but not surprising, I guess. I will try to remedy that in the near future

Lester wrote: "You ask about a Lusitania Passenger List. There is one available from THS; authored by John Eaton."

I haven't referred to that list in nearly 15 years, but if I recall correctly, it was put together from lists that appeared in the New York Times immediately after the sinking. Because of the incredible confusion in the days after the disaster, it is not surprising there are so many mistakes.

To the specific passengers you mentioned:

Lady Allan was traveling with two of her daughters, Gwen and Anna. On ET a few months ago, there was a discussion about the Allans, which shouldn't be too hard to locate.

There were indeed nine people in the Crompton party. Paul (father), Gladys (mother), Stephen, Alberta, Catherine, Paul (son), John, Peter, and nurse Dorothy Allen. None survived.

The "Mrs. Williams and her 6 children" are Annie Williams (mother), John, Edith, George, Ethel, Florence, and David. Only Edith and her brother John survived. They passed away within two months of each other in 1992.

Hope this helps.

Eric Sauder

Lester Mitcham

Hi Eric,

Yes it does. Thank you for those informations. I had no idea how Eaton might have complied his list. So the Hoehling book informations about the Allans, the Cromptons and the Williams families was/is correct. I appreciate knowing that. I guess there is no way of distinguishing between Lost and Saved other than using sources such as the Hoehlings to mark whoever they name?


Jim Kalafus

Lester- As Mike said, go back into the archive. At some point in the first week of February, Shelley D. had posted on a site which has a pretty good list . There were some obvious inaccuracies and inconsistancies, but still it was PROBABLY the best you'll find. Also, over at the Irish THS site, there is a listing of those who are buried at Cobh, which is pretty interesting as well.

Jim Kalafus

Lester-Shelley's discovery can be found at http://www.standard.net.au/~jwilliams/ships2.htm and takes about 105 pages to print out. If I made an error transcribing this, it can be found on the Lusitania thread, and on the date of February 3rd. As I said there are some inaccuracies on it (check out the whole Mrs Faber discussion towards late February, inspired by this site) but also a lot of interesting details.

Lester Mitcham

Hi James,

Thank you for that. Found it and was about to post the web-address when I found you had done it for me. Extra thanks and for the Faber reference. I note some posting on the 24th of Feb which mention her and and as to whether or not she was onboard; also mention of D-48. Do we also have a stateroom listing?

Who were Timothy Eaton? and the daughter/granddaughter? that Jason refers to.


Jason Marcotte

Hi Lester,

My Lusitania knowledge is not as extensive as my Titanic information, but I'll try and answer your question to the best of my limited ability.

Timothy Eaton was the founder of Eaton's department store here in Canada. I don't know when it was established but it was definitely near the beginning of the century. The Eaton department store empire (simply known as "Eaton's") folded sometime in 1998. There was quite a deal made of it in the Canadian press. The stores have since been sold off to other large retailers such as Sears.

On a sidenote, Titanic victim George Graham was employed by Eaton's (T.Eaton & Co.) and after his death I believe the store(s) closed early in honour of his passing.

I don't know if I'm 100% dead-on on this, but I believe that a Mrs. Burnside and her daughter, Avis/Ivis were the individuals I refer to as being Timothy Eaton's daughter and grand-daughter. From what little I know Mrs.Burnside survived but her daughter did not.

I hope this helps. If anyone else can supply more info that would be much appreciated.


Lester Mitcham

Hi Jason,

Thank you for that. I was not making the Canadian connection. In his Passenger List; Eaton only lists a Mrs Burnside and maid with New York in the address column. The lady is not mentioned in the Hoehling book.

I have looked at the list that James referred us to and note:
BURNSIDE, Mrs. J.S. E. and maid
New York. Passengers: first class. Mrs. Burnside survived but Miss Ivis’ name was in the Sunday, May 9, list of missing and probable dead. No mention was made of the name or fate of the maid.

Hope this helps. Regards,

Hildo Thiel

Hi All,

Some questions about the list:
Mrs. Bretherton and two children.
It is clear that Mrs. Bretherton survived and her daughter Elizabeth died. What happend to her son Paul? Survived or died?

The Dixon Family, Mr. and Mrs. Survived, but what happend with their son Stan.

Mrs. John Marsh:"Mrs. Marsh was the housekeeper to the Hook family, q.v. Traveling with her husband and 11-month-old son. They, too, were returning home to England" What does this mean there is no mention about a Mr. Marsh or Master Marsh?



Geoff Whitfield

Hello Hildo,

Norah Bretherton's son Paul survived the disaster with his mother.
Of the Dixons, only Bertha survived, Arthur and Stanley were drowned.
Annie Marsh survived, although her husband, who I understand was Thomas and not John (unless it was a middle name he used) and infant Thomas were lost.

Eric Sauder

Hello, Hildo:

Lusitania survivor Elsie Hook sent me the following information about the Marsh family:

Thomas and Annie Marsh and their son Thomas were traveling third class with the Hooks. Mrs. Marsh had been the Hook's housekeeper, and since they were returning home to Britain, the Marshes felt that it was a good time to do likewise. Thomas, Sr., and Thomas, Jr., were both lost in the disaster, but only Thomas, Sr., was recovered. Annie Marsh was killed in a factory explosion sometime between 1916 and 1919.

When I was corresponding with Elsie, she made a passing comment about never knowing what became of Mr. Marsh — whether or not his body was recovered. In one of the well-known photos of the caskets in one of the mass graves, the coffin of Mr. Marsh is in the foreground. I photocopied the picture and sent it to Elsie with an explanation. She said that when she saw the photo for the first time, she was quite moved and very happy to know that he had been found and given a proper burial.

I’d like to add just a bit to what Geoff W. said about the Brethertons. Elizabeth "Betty" Bretherton’s body was recovered and buried in a convent outside of Cork where Norah had studied in her youth. Paul is one of the survivors I have been trying to find for several years without success. He was only three years old at the time, and there is a chance that he might still be alive. I have a few new leads, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they pan out.

Hope this helps,

Eric Sauder

Hildo Thiel

Hi Eric and Geoff,

Thanks for the information.

So Mrs. Norah Bretherton and her son survived.
Mrs. Bertha Dixon Survived
Mrs. Marsh Survived.
Mr. Hook and his children survived.

Miss Bretherton Died.
Mr. Dixon and his son died.
Mr. Marsh and his son died.



Hildo Thiel

Hi all,

This are all the names of passengers and crew members of the Lusitania who may have survived the disaster according the list of the webside on

Some names are mentioned two times, of some it is not know if it is a male or female. Some are not mentioned at all. Any new names or corrections are welcome.

Adam, Mr. Allan H.
Adams, Mrs A.E.
Adams, Mr. William McMillan
Adams, Mr. Henry
Adams, Mrs. Henry
Adams, Mrs. Jane
Adams, Miss Joan M.
Aiston, Mr. Joseph
Aitken, Miss Crissie (16)
Allen, Lady and 2 maids?
Allen, Mr. John
Alles, Mr. N.N.
Amery, Mrs. Phoebe
Anderson, Mrs. R.
Anderson, Miss Barbara (child)
Arter, Mr. Joseph
Ashman, Mr. Henry C.
Ayala, Mr. Julian

Baba, Mr. Frank
Baba, Mr. Johan Jacob
Baba, Mr. Matthew
Baker, F.J.
Baker, Mr. James
Ballantine, Ms. Margaret
Banett, Miss May
Barbour, Miss Bessie
Barclay, Mr. George
Barker, Mrs. M.
Barker, Miss W.
Barkley, Mr. George T.
Barlow, D.
Barnes, Mr. Allen
Barrett, Ms. Mary
Barrie, Mr. Edward
Bartlett, Mr. George W.D.
Bartlett, Mrs. George W.D.
Bartlett, Mr. John
Batersby, Mr. J.J.
Baxton, Mrs. A.
Beattie, Mr. Allen M.
Beattie, Mrs. James A.
Beauchamp, Mr. William
Benjamin, Miss Queenie
Bernard, Mr. Clinton P.
Bestic, Mr. Albert (jr. 3rd officer)
Bialanus, Mr. Stefan
Bilbrough, A.W.
Bilbrough, Mr. George W.
Bilicke, Mrs. Albert C.
Birchall, Mr. Henry
Bird, Ms. May (stewardess)
Blackman, J.
Bohan, Mr. James
Master or Miss Booth (infant)
Bottomley, Mr. Fred
Boulton, Mr. Harold jr.
Bowen, Mr. F.
Bowring, Mr. Charles W.
Boyd, Mr. F.R.
Boyle, Mr. James
Bozenof, Mr. Dennis
Bozenof, Philate
Braithwaite, Miss Dorothy ??
Brammer, Mrs. E.J.
Brammer, Miss E.
Brandell, Miss Josephine
Brenman, Mr. T.
Bretherton, Mrs. Norah
Bretherton, Master Paul (child)
Bridge, Mr. W.
Brilly, Mr. Louis
Brooks, Mr. James H.
Brown, Mr. Dan T.
Brown, Mr. J.
Brown, Mr. William
Brownlig, Mrs. T.
Bryce, Mr. H.B.
Bryce, Mrs. H.B.
Buchall, Mr. Henry
Burdin, Mr. Anthony
Burdon, Mrs A.S.
Burdon, Master or Mr. Robert T.
Burgess, Mr. Henry G.
Burnside, Mrs. J.S.E.
Buswell, Mr. Peter
Busvine, Mr. W. Robert
Byington, Mr. A.J.
Byrne, Mr. Michael G.
Byrne, Mr.

Cains, Mr. Robert W.
Campbell, Miss Anna Mena
Campbell, Mrs. W.
Candlish, Mrs. Ellen
Carrigan, Mrs. Margaret
Carrold, Mr. T.
Casey, Mr. James
Charles, Mr. J.H.
Charles, Miss Dora
Chiberdat, H.
Clancy, Mr. Josephe
Clark, A.P.
Clark, Rev. Cowley
Clark, Mr. Robert (bell boy)
Clinton, Mr. G.
Coborne, Mrs. A.S.
Cockburn, Mr. Guy R.
Colebrook, H.G.
Collis, Mr. Edwin M.
Conlon, Mr. Bernard
Connor, Miss Dorothy
Cowper, Mr. Ernest
Cowan, Mr. A. (lift attendant)
Cox, Mrs. Margaret
Cox, Master Desmond (child)
Crooks, Mr. Robert W.
Crosbie, Miss Agnes
Crosley, Mr. Cyrus
Crosley, Mrs. Cyrus
Cross, A.B.
Cutchison, Mr. Stanley
Czertowicz, Marcin
Dalrymple, Mr. David
Daly, H.M.
Darcy, Mr. John
Davis, Miss Emily (maid
Dawson, Mr. Walter
Delaney, Ms. Mary
Dewhurst, Mrs. (stewardess)
Dhenin, Mr. Thomas
Diamondis, Mr. Theodore
Dixon, Mrs. Arthur
Docherty, Mrs. Mabel
Docherty, Master William (infant)
Dodd, Miss Dorothy
Dolphin, Miss Avis (child)
Donald, A.D.
Donnerly, P.
Drakeford, Mr. Ed.
Duckworth, Mrs. Elizabeth
Duguid, Mr. George
Duncan, Mr. Alex (third engineer)
Duncan, Mrs. R.
Duncan, Mr. Robert
Dyer, Mr. J.
Dyer, Mr. Robert
Dyers, Mr. Joseph

Edgar, E.
Egana, Mr. Vincente
Ehrhardt, Mr. Hubert
Ellis, Mr. John
English, Mr. M.
Erhart, Mrs.
Evans, Mr. Robert

Farrow, Mr. Robert
Faulds, A.
Fernandez, Mr. Ed.
Ferrier, Mr. ??
Ferrier, Mrs. ??
Fields, Mr. Andrew
Fish, Mrs. S.M. and infant
Fish, Miss Irene
Fish, Miss Marion
Fisher, Mr. Howard L.
Foss, Carroll
Franburn, Mr. Joseph
Franburn, Master Francis (child)
Freeman, Mrs. John
Freeman, Mr. (steward)
French, Miss Grace
Frost, Mr. H.R.
Fyfe, Mrs. Jeanie

Gardner, B.
Gardner, Mr. Eric (16)
Gardner, Master William (child 11)
Garvan, Mr. Joseph
Gauntlett, Mr. Fred J.
Gelilus, Mr. Edie
Ghiberdot, Mr. Herbert
Gilhooly, Mrs. Catherine
Glancy, Mr. Joseph
Goodwin, Ms. Rose
Gordon, Mr. George
Grab, O.F.
Granahan, Mr. Michael
Gray, R.P.
Griffiths, C.N.
Griffiths, T.M.
Grigerian, M.
Grinsted, Mr. S. Cyril
Grisdale, Mr. (steward)
Gryszkewicz, Mr. Anthony
Gun, Mr. C.
Gunvier, Rev.
Gwyer, Rev.
Gwyer, Mrs.

Haldane, Mr. James
Hale, R.
Hale, Mrs. G.
Hames, Mr. Charles
Hames, Mrs. Charles
Hammond, Mrs. F.S.
Hammond, Mrs. Fred S.
Hammond, Mr. Ogden H.
Hampshire, Miss Elizabeth E.
Hanes, D.E.
Hanes, J.A.
Hanley, Mr. Peter
Hardwick, Mr. Charles Cheever
Hardy, Miss C.
Hardy, Miss Elsie
Harris, Dr. Dwight C.
Harris, Mr. R.
Haynes, D.E.
Henderson, Master Huntley (child)
Henderson, Miss Violet
Henneasey, Mr.
Henshaw, Mrs. M.
Hertz, Mr. Douglas C.
Hill, Mr. or/and Mrs. C.T.
Hill, Mrs. Robert
Hill, Mr. William Spencer
Hines, Mr. L.A.
Hines, Mrs. L.A.
Hisheth, Mr. Alfred W.
Hogan, Mrs. Jane
Hogg, Mrs. Ellen
Holbourne, Profesor Ian Stoughton
Holland, Mrs. Nina
Holt, Master William Robert G. (child 15)
Holton, Mr. Willam (bellboy 16)
Home, Mr. Thomas
Hook, Mr. George
Hook, Miss Elsie (child 12)
Hook, Master Frank (child 11)
Hoskins, Mr. M. Athur
Hounsell, Mr. Edgar
Houghton, Dr. James T.
Howleg, Mrs. Rose
Hughes, Mr. W.
Hull, Mrs. (stewardess)
Hull, Miss G.
Hume, Mr. J.
Hussey, Mr.
Hutchinson, Mr. George (chief electrician)

Inch, Mr. William E.
Iwanink, E.

Jackson, Mr. Arthur
Jackson, Mr. Isaac
Jackson, Mr. J.
Jeffrey, Mr. Charles T.
Jenkins, Mr. F. Bertram
Johnston, Mr. Hugh (quartermaster)
Jolivet, Miss Rita
Jones, Mr. A.K. (first officer)
Jones, Mr. William G.
Judson, Mr. Fred S.
Juncsyk, Mr. Eger

Kay, Master Robert (child 8)
Kay, Miss Katherine (child 14)
Keeble, Mr. W.
Keeble, Mrs. W.
Kellaway, Ms. Winifred
Kempson, Mr.
Kennan, Dr. Owen
Kessler, Mr. George A.
Kilkenney, Ms. Annie
Kilkenney, Ms. Delia Mc
Knox, Mr. Samuel M.
Komaryshyn, Hrybery

Lane, Mr. George B.
Lassetter, Mrs. Harry Beauchamp
Lassetter, Lieutenant Frederick
Lauder, Mr. E. Harris
Lauriat, Mr. Charles Emelius jr.
Lawson, Mr. Thomas
Learoyd, Mrs. C.A. and maid
Leary, Mr. James A.
Lee, Miss Bridget
Lehman, Mr. Diland
Lehman, Mr. Isaac
Lehman, Mr. Martin
Lehman, J.
Leipold, Miss C.F.E.
Levinson, Mr. Joseph jr.
Lewin, Mr. F. Guy
Lewis, Miss Edith
Lewis, Mr. John Idwal (sr. Third officer)
Lewis, Mr. John
Lewis, Mrs. John
Light, Mr. Herbert
Lines, Miss Alice (maid/nurse)
Lines, Mrs. Stanley L.B.
Linott, R.J.
Lobb, Mrs. Popham
Lockhard, Mr. H.
Lockhard, Mr. R.R.
Logan, Ms. Ruth
Lohden, Mrs. Rose
Lohden, Miss Elsie
Loney, Miss Virginia B. (child 15)
Lukes, Mr. John Francis
Luck, Mr. Arthur C.
Lund, Mrs. Charles H.

Macdonald, Miss
MacFarquhar, Mrs. J.A.
MacFarquhar, Miss Grace M.
Mackworth, Lady Margaret
Madden, Mr. Thomas
Mainman, Miss Molly (16)
Mainman, Miss Elizabeth (child 7)
Mainman, Master Edwin (child 7)
Malicz, Mr. Powell L.
Maloney, Mr. T.O.
Mandy, Miss Alice
Marichal, Mr. Joseph P.
Marichal, Mrs. Joseph P.
Marichal, Miss W. Yvonne (child)
Marichal, Miss Phyllis (child)
Marichal, Master Maurice (child)
Marsh, Miss A.
Marsh, Mrs. Thomas
Marshall, Miss Fannie
Martin, Mr. Albert
Martin, Mrs. Laura
Martin, Miss R.
Mathews, A.T.
Matthews, Mr. Thomas
Maycock, Miss M.
Maycock, May ??
Maycock, Mary ??
Mayer, Mr. H.T.
Mayer, Mrs. H.T.
Mazwaik, Mr. Iwan
McCarthy, Mr. Patrick
McClintock, Miss Margaret
McColin, Mrs. James A.
McConnell, Mr. John
McCready, Dr. Ralph J.R,
McDermott, Mr. Andrew
McDermott, Mr. Eugene
McDonnell, Miss Kitty
McFadden, Mr. Hugh
McGinley, Mr. Patrick
McGuiness, Mr. B.
McKenzie, Mrs. M.A.
McLaughlin, Mr. Patrick
McLellan, Miss Sarah
McMurray, L.L.
McSweeney, Mr. John
Merriheina, Mr. Uno
Meyer, Mr. H.G.
Meyer, Mrs. H.G.
Michael, Mr. David
Michael, Mr. Dewi
Middlemast, Mrs. E.L.
Middleton, Ms. Alice
Milford, Mr. Frederick J.
Mitchell, Mr. A.J.
Monroe, L.E.
Moody, Miss Meta
Moore, Mr. D.
Moore, Dr. Daniel Virgil
Moore, Mr.
Morecroft, Fanny (stewardess)
Morell, Mrs. M.S.
Morris, Rev. H.C.S.
Morton, Mr. Bell
Morton, Mr. Leslie N.
Morton, Mr. John C.
Moses, Mrs. Janet
Mosley, Mr. George G.
Muir, Mr. Mathew
Muirhead, Mr. William
Murdoch, Miss E.
Murdoch, Miss Jessie
Murray, Mrs. C.
Murray, Mrs. James ??
Murray, Mrs. C. ??
Myers, Mr. Ellason/ W.G. Ellason (16)
Myers, Mr. Herman A.
Myers, Mr. John
Myers, Mr. Joseph

Naisch, Mrs. Theodore
Needham, Mr. Henry E.
Negus, Mr. Edward
Neilson, Ms. Gerda
Newbold, Mr. H.A. (barkeeper)
North, Miss Olive

O’Connell, Mr. John
O’Donnell, Mr. Patrick
Orr, Mr. Lewis ??
Owen, Mr. N.T.J.
Owens Mrs. C.I.S.
Owens, Mrs. Hubert

Padley, Mrs. F.
Page, Mr. Andrew
Pappadopoulo, Mrs. M.N.
Parkes, Mr. William
Parry, E.
Parry, Mr. Frank (steward)
Parry, Mr. Joseph (able seaman)
Parry, Miss L.
Partridge, Mr. Frank
Pavey, Miss L.
Payne, Mr. Martin S.
Paynter, Mr. Charles K.
Paynter, Miss Irene
Peacock, Miss E.F.
Pearl, Mr. F. Warren
Pearl, Mrs. F. Warren
Pearl, Miss Audrey (infant)
Pearl, Master Stuart D.D. (child 5)
Pells, Mr.
Pells, Mrs.
Penny, Mr. Percy (steward)
Perka, Mr. Maxim A.
Perry, Mr. Frederick
Petrosian, Kahramon
Phillips, Mr. Wallace B.
Pickard, Mr. Fred
Pierpoint, Mr. William J.
Pirie, Mr. Robinson
Plank, Mrs. H.
Polubinski, Milkendh
Pope, Miss T.
Pulik, Mr. Mychail
Pye, Mrs. Charlotte

Ratcliff, Mr. Norman A.
Rankin, Mr. Robert
Readdie, Mr. J.R.
Rendall, Mrs. Charles (stewardess)
Rhys-Evans, Mr. A.L.
Rice, Mr. Stephen
Richards, Mrs. Phyllis
Richards, Master Cecil (child)
Richards, Master Percy (child)
Right, Mr. Herbert
Riley, Mr. Edward
Riley, Mrs. Edward and 2 children
Roberts, Mr. Stanley
Robertson, Mr. Neil
Rogers, Miss Elizabeth
Rogers, Mr. Percy W.
Romer, Mr. F.
Roper, Mr. John
Rowan, Ms. Annie
Ryerson, Miss Laura

Sandells, Mr. Thomas
Schorgesur, mr. William
Schwarte, Mr. Augustus W.
Scott, Mr. Arthur
Scott, Mr. George
Scrimgeous, Mr. William
Secchi, Mr. Herbert
Secchi, Mrs. Herbert
Seferian, Leven
Segis, Mr. George
Shackell, Mr. William A.
Shalday, Mr. Gerald
Sharp, Mr. George
Sharp, Mrs. Mary
Sharp, Mrs. Samuel
Sharp, Mr. Samuel
Sharp, Ms. Annie
Shepperson, Mr. Arthur
Shkredoff, Mr. Jacob
Skay, Mr. Edward (steward)
Sikking, Ms. Florence (stewardess??)
Simpson, Mr. Edward
Simpson, Rev. H.W.
Slattery, C.J.
Slattery, Mr. Patrick
Slidell, Mr. M. Thomas
Smethurst, Mr.
Smethurst, Mrs.
Smith, Miss Helen (child 6)
Smith, Mr. George
Smith, Mr. George Preston
Smith, J.
Smith, Miss Jessie Taft
Smith, Mr. William (steward)
Snowden, F.A.
Snowden, Mr. Thomas
Sobolewski, Mitrofan M.
Sorenson, Mr. Soren
Stachula, Mr. Michael
Stanley, Mr. H.
Steele, Mr. George
Stephens, Mr. Thomas Ohan
Stevens, Mr. George
Stewart, Mrs. C.
Stewart, Mr. James
Stockton, Mr. Alfred
Stones, Mr. Norman
Storch, Mr. William
Stroud, Mr. E.P.W.
Stroud, Mrs. E.P.W.
Sturdy, C.F.
Sullivan, Mr. F.
Sullivan, Mrs. F.
Sweeney, Mr. John M.
Sweet, F.H.

Taft, Mr. Sidney
Taracsewicz, Mr. Ivan
Tarry, Mr. Edward
Taylor, Mr. Harold
Taylor, Mrs. Harold
Taylor, Mr. Richard Lionol
Thomas, Mr. David Alfred
Thomas, Mr. Earnest ??
Thomas, Mrs. Earnest
Thomason, Mr. Henry (steward)
Thompson, Mr. E. Blish
Thompson, Mrs. E. Blish
Thompson, Mrs Eldridge
Thompson, Mr. Joseph
Thurton, G.H.
Tierney, Mr. Michael
Tijon, W.E.
Timmis, Mr. R.J.
Tobin, Miss Nora
Tomaskewicz, Mr. John
Tomins, Miss E.
Tootal, F.E.C.
Touhey, Mrs. H.
Touhy, Ms. Margaret
Townley, Mr. Ernest
Turner, Mr. William Thomas (captain)
Turton, Mr. George T.

Vassar, W.A.F.
Veals, Mr. Albert E.
Veals, Mrs. Albert E.

Waites, Ms. Mattie (maid)
Wakefield, Mrs. A.T.
Walenman, Miss Dora
Wallace Mr. Cyril J.
Wallace, Miss Delia
Walsh, Mr. John
Ward, Mr. ??
Ward, Mrs. ??
Ward, Mr. J.
Ward, Mr. George
Ward, Mrs. George
Webb, Ms. Minnie
Webster, Mr. F.G. ??
Webster, Mrs. F.G. ??
Webster, Master William (child)
Webster, Master Henry (child)
Webster, Master Frederick (child)
Weight, Mr. Robert C.
Welsh, Mr. John
Whalley, Mr. Robert W.
Whitcomb, Mr. Hugh D.
Whitehead, Miss Florence
Whyath, Mrs. M.A.
Wilde, Mrs. Agnes
Wilde, Miss Evelyn A.
Wilks, Ms. Alice Kaye
Williams, Mr. Billy
Williams, Miss Edith (child 9)
Williams, Master Edward (child 7)
Williams, Mr. John
Williams, Mr. Thomas
Williams, Miss W.
Williams, Mr. Robert
Williams, Mr. Thomas J.
Wilson, Mr. John
Wilson, Mrs. Patrick
Winter, Miss T.
Witherbee, Mrs. A.F.
Wolfenden, Mrs. John
Woods, Mr. John Herbert
Woodsworth, Miss Ruth
Woodsworth, Mr. Robert
Wordsworth, Mr. Osmond Bartle
Wright, Mr. Robert C.
Whyath, Mrs. M.A.
Wynne, Mr. George (asst. Cook 17)

Yadster, A.
Yohanan, Alavarez
Yung, Mr. Philip