RMS Majestic/Homeric Builders Models


Stuart Lythgoe

After doing some research recently in Sheffield I came across a reference in some of Wards documentation about the purchase of all three builders models for Olympic, Majestic, Homeric and thought there might be someone out there who has been looking for the Majestic's builders model. Below is the content of the entry from the Directors minutes giving details of the purchase and donation of the model to South Kensington Science Museum, unfortunately I was unable to find any more information as to the fate of the Homeric, but someone out there may already know where it is:-
Entry 8694 on Monday November 16th 1936.
The Chairman reported that he had purchased on behalf of the Co
from the Oceanic Steam Navigation Co Ltd, the models of the
RMS "Majestic" & the RMS "Homeric", for the sum of £100 for
the two, and he had presented the model of the "Majestic" to the
Science Museum South Kensington, who had intimated that
the name of our company, as donors, will appear at the head
of the descriptive label to accompany the model on exhibition, in
accordance with the usual practice of the Museum
After checking with the Museum I have found that the model is still within their collection, donated by Thos W Ward Ltd in 1936. The Museums records also note that the model had been on loan to them forr a brief period by the White Star Line but was returned in 1925 and may also explain their desire to have it on display again once it became available. Unfortunately for the time being, due to renovations at the site where the model is located, it won't be possible to view it until end of this year, early next year. As I came across it while researching into stuff for the RMS Olympic, I wanted to make it public in case it is useful to anyone.

I am currently on the trail of the 21 light Candelabra from D Deck, the hugh wall clock from the First Class Lounge and the mahogany frame of the painting 'Approach to the New World'. I have located a person who was responsible for valuing them in 1984 and may know of their whereabouts. If you would like to assist me with my research then please view an E-Bay item I have copies for sale of. Money from the sale of this item will be used to further my research into lost fittings from the RMS Olympic and will hopefully enable me to rediscover items deemed lost since the scrapping of the vessel.

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