RMS Mauretania/Lusitania vs. Olympic class: public places


Nov 22, 2012
Hello ! I m new at this forum so please, forgive me if this topic has been discussed before. And forgive me too, for my english, i m spanish.

I was wondering about the size and length of common places (and luxurious as well but this subjective) between the mauretania and lusitania against titanic and olympic.
I mean basically; Lounge, smoking room, verendah café and reading room.
I've a dew pictures of this places of the four ships and I get the impression the cunard's sisters had bigger than titanic and olympic. Reading room and smoking room of lusitania seems more bigger...

PD: FOR ME, luxury are similar. I think olympic class wins, only because of the rest of facilities (turkish bath, swimming pool, cafe parisien etc..)
thank you. :)

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