RMS Oceanic II Deckplans

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First Class Deck plans only in: White Star Line Royal and United States Mail Steamers: First Class Rates and Plans. You should be able to obtain this from THS or 7 C'S Press. I think they may now be linked. The booklet will also give you the Olympic and Majestic. It dates from May 1913.

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Timothy Trower

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The Copley Watercraft Collection at the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of Transportation has a set of First Class deck plans and some Third Class as well.

The set I had made in the early 1980s is starting to fade, and I need to replace the old PMT shots with new photocopier ones myself -- or I'd offer just to make copies of what I have.
The General Arrangement plans for Harland and Wolff designed vessels are held at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. H&W used to sell copies but since the museum took over responsibility of the plans, I don't know if they still offer the same service.

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Allen Gibson

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I was wondering if there was any update with this? Did anyone actually find the full deck plans and/or a cutaway view of her bulkhead arrangement?