RMS Olympic bridge and wheelhouse interior pics

Alec Barker

are there any pictures of inside the RMS Olympic's bridhe or wheelhouse?
It would be greatly appreciated.
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I don't think there any pictures of Olympic wheelhouse, there is one view that is believed to be of Titanic's wheel house showing telephones mounted on the back wall. There is one famous photograph taken by Francis Browne of Olympic's bridge taken at Queenstown: See a photgraph of it here: http://www.euronet.nl/users/keesree/wheelhse.jpg

I think also there might be some photgraph's of Olympic's bridge in later life showing extra telegraphs and other equipment. I hope this helps.

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Alec Barker

Hello Nigel,
Quote " there is one view that is believed to be of Titanic's wheel house showing telephones mounted on the back wall"
Do you have the link for this photo?
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Hi Alec,

If you scroll down this thread you will find the picture. The photograph is also seen in Titanic: A Journey Through Time. Anyway check it out here:

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There's that famous photo of Olympic's three deck officers and Captain Smith. You know the one of 1st Officer William McMaster Murdoch standing apart from Evans, Alexander, and EJ? Their backs (and Will's left side) are to Oly's bridge.
Here's a pic of the Olympic at Jarrow in 1935, just prior to dismantling.

>>Young visitors at the wheel of the Olympic, which is now open to the public prior to being broken up at Jarrow<<

I didn't know that the Olympic was open to the public before scrapping. Anyone knows what was the period of time that the Olympic was open to the public in 1935 or are there any news articles?

Brian R Peterson

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When Old Reliable was laid up at Jarrow, I think at that point anybody could board her and walk all throughout her decks, I am sure the workers had begun stripping her interiors so it would have been a sad sight to say, walk into the First Class Lounge and find no furniture and the marble fireplace stripped for example.

I have seen photos of Olympic's First Class interiors during construction, it would be interesting to have some of her dismantling to compare as THEN and NOW collages.

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The only photo I've seen of Olympic while she was being scrapped was where the hull...what was left of it...was being towed to Inverkeithing for final demolition. You can find that photo HERE. Just click on the thumbnailed image.


Fair warning: It's not pretty.